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  1. Announcing New VAIO Computer Line Up Including An Ultrabook by Gina 06/04/2012

    This morning Sony announced their new line up of  VAIO computers including our first-ever ultrabook (VAIO T series). But the news didn’t stop there with new designs and updates for the VAIO S along with some spiffy new features in the VAIO E and VAIO Z series laptops. And for all-in-one desktop fans, you’ll be very interested in seeing what’s […] Read More

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  2. Which VAIO would we recommend and why? by Gina 09/09/2010

    Labor Day is over and there’s no question it marks the end of summer. The sky darkens quicker, the weather is cooler and school bells are ringing again.

    Some people are prepared. Backpacks are loaded up and pencil stacks line the hall closet.  For others, it’s more of a last minute deal snatching up the essentials days before and filling […] Read More

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  3. Reinventing the Z: Part 1 and 2 by Team Sony 02/26/2010

    We all have our favorite things. Mine: evening baseball games, ski trips and movie night. When it comes to my favorite VAIO notebook, it’s the Z Series hands down. And when I got my first sneak peak at the newly redesigned Z Series I couldn’t have been more excited.

    And now, with the new Z Series available for presale on SonyStyle.com, I wanted to offer you a behind-the-scenes look at the year long project to makeover the Z Series. From carving the chassis’ core from a single…[…]

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  4. VAIO News: Summer Refresh by Team Sony 06/29/2009

    Just in time for the summer, we’ve released a brand new batch of colors and upgrades to all of our existing model series – some of which will definitely knock your socks off. The new colors include…[…]

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