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  1. tabletupdatebanner1 Android™ 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on your Xperia™ Tablet S by Kathleen 04/23/2013

    Hey U.S. Xperia™ Tablet S owners! As you probably already know, Android™ Jelly Bean is now available on your Xperia Tablet S. But you may be wondering what new features you get with the new update, right? Well, we created a short little video to show you some of the cool new things you can […]

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  2. Tearing Open the New Xperia™ Tablet S Just In Time for Shipping by Gina 09/07/2012

    Today the new Xperia™ Tablet starts hitting doorsteps and store shelves. And how do we mark this momentous occasion? Well… Sony engineer Takuya Inaba ripped apart the gear and explained what’s inside. Okay, more like gently opened. Either way, if you love geeking out on parts, then this is the article for you. First before […]

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