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  1. The Making of the VAIO X Series: Part 5 and 6 by Team Sony 11/20/2009

    This week we wrap up the Making of the X Series with our last two stories.

    One takes a look at arguably the most important component of a notebook. Any guesses?

    The other story follows an inconspicuous engineering team to discover why they were so intent on destroying as many X Series models as they could. And interestingly, they still work for Sony.

    Uncover all the details after the link…[…]

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  2. The Making of the VAIO X Series: Part 3 and 4 by Team Sony 11/06/2009

    From the drawing board to final QA testing, the Making of the VAIO X Series takes you behind the scenes and offers you an inside look at the development of the world’s lightest notebook.

    This week I reserved for what I think are some of the most interesting videos. From overcoming the incredible challenge of fitting an LCD into a 0.07 inch thin display case to reinforcing the frame, this week’s videos offer an interesting look at the detailed thought that…[…]

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  3. The Making of the VAIO X Series: Part 1 and 2 by Team Sony 10/30/2009

    Following up on the recent announcement of the revolutionary VAIO X Series, this 7-part video series will introduce you to the unique engineering challenges and innovative technology used to transform the X Series from concept to notebook.

    This week I’ll introduce you to the Chief Project Manager and the Lead Project Engineer who offer insights into the birth of the X Series and an overview of the technology used in the X Series project. You’ll discover…[…]

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  4. Windows 7 Is Here! by Team Sony 10/23/2009

    At long last, worse than waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, Windows 7 is here! To make sure you know all the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s newest operating system, we’ll be covering Windows 7 throughout the coming weeks. From the newest features to the most helpful tips, you’ll be able to…[…]

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  5. Inside The VAIO7 Experience in NYC by Team Sony 10/16/2009

    There’s no doubt that last week’s VAIO event in NYC was packed with exciting news and amazing performances. Located in Midtown, Guastavino’s was the perfect location for the event with its stunning 13 foot windows and massive cathedral-like mason archways, it all created a dramatic backdrop for both Cirque Berzerk’s performance and the new VAIO PC announcements.

    Hit the read more link to check out a recap of the event including video demos, celebrity interviews and photos…[…]

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  6. Live Update From NYC Event by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    It’s loud, crowded and so many things happening all at once. I’m not sure which way to turn – there are so many interviews and photos I want to bring you.

    With the new product announcements behind us, the event is in full gear. In one section of Guastavino’s huge facility – which is incorporated into the foundation of a bridge – noted urban artist…[…]

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  7. VAIO Breaking News: New X and CW Series Notebooks Announced in NYC by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    So if you caught my last post, Sony just unveiled a new touch-enabled all-in-one one.and nNow, in addition to that, two more new VAIO models have just been announced – the VAIO X Series and CW Series.

    Everyone seems very excited about the X Series – including myself. It’s unbelievably thin and…[…]

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