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  1. Setting up Parental Controls on your Sony VAIO® Computer with Windows® 7 by Sarah 06/19/2012

    Tomorrow marks the first day of summer on the calendar, even though most kids have already started their summer vacations. Do you have parental controls set up on your VAIO PC yet? A computer can be a very tempting thing for younger people and Sony wants to help give you, the parent, control over when your child can log into […] Read More

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  2. Windows 7 Commercial Features Sony VAIO Designers by Team Sony 01/18/2010

    Last month the Sony Style blog posted a story with a great VAIO story. In the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft aired a series of commercials. This particular story was about “Sophie” who was searching for a touch screen computer running Windows 7. The answer for Sophie? A VAIO L Touch PC and HDTV.

    Hit the read more link for links to watch the full commercial plus see behind-the-scenes photos and…[…]

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  3. Behind The Scenes Fun Factoid About Windows 7 Commercial by Gina 12/30/2009

    When the new VAIO L Series All-in-One Touchscreen computer launched, I had to put myself on the order list. It’s become one of our most popular models right now and you also may have seen it featured in one of Microsoft’s new Windows 7 commercials.

    The story aired is about “Sophie” who wanted a touch screen computer running on Windows 7. She asked, […] Read More

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  4. Windows 7 Is Here! by Team Sony 10/23/2009

    At long last, worse than waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, Windows 7 is here! To make sure you know all the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s newest operating system, we’ll be covering Windows 7 throughout the coming weeks. From the newest features to the most helpful tips, you’ll be able to…[…]

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  5. Inside The VAIO7 Experience in NYC by Team Sony 10/16/2009

    There’s no doubt that last week’s VAIO event in NYC was packed with exciting news and amazing performances. Located in Midtown, Guastavino’s was the perfect location for the event with its stunning 13 foot windows and massive cathedral-like mason archways, it all created a dramatic backdrop for both Cirque Berzerk’s performance and the new VAIO PC announcements.

    Hit the read more link to check out a recap of the event including video demos, celebrity interviews and photos…[…]

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  6. Live Update From NYC Event by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    It’s loud, crowded and so many things happening all at once. I’m not sure which way to turn – there are so many interviews and photos I want to bring you.

    With the new product announcements behind us, the event is in full gear. In one section of Guastavino’s huge facility – which is incorporated into the foundation of a bridge – noted urban artist…[…]

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  7. VAIO Breaking News: New X and CW Series Notebooks Announced in NYC by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    So if you caught my last post, Sony just unveiled a new touch-enabled all-in-one one.and nNow, in addition to that, two more new VAIO models have just been announced – the VAIO X Series and CW Series.

    Everyone seems very excited about the X Series – including myself. It’s unbelievably thin and…[…]

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  8. VAIO Breaking News: New Touch-Screen HD PC/TV Just Announced in NYC by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    Things are just getting kicked off here in NYC and in addition to some exciting guests – more on that later – I already have some exciting news!

    Mike Abary, senior vice president NTSD (the head honcho of the VAIO business group), just unveiled a new touch-enabled all-in-one – the VAIO® L Touch HD PC/TV.

    I think you’ll love…[…]

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  9. Behind-the-scenes Setup at the VAIO Event by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    We’re here in NYC for a very special VAIO event for invited guests and press. We’ve been super busy but it’s been a perfect day so far: our flights were on time, the weather is great (it was supposed to rain but didn’t) and all the little things on our to-do list are finally coming together – knock on wood.

    Right now it’s early afternoon and we’re right in the middle of setting things up and I wanted to give you a sneak peak of…[…]

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  10. So You Say You’re a VAIO Fan… by Team Sony 10/02/2009

    I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve thrown a lot of VAIO trivia your way over the past few months that I was sure you wouldn’t know. Many readers have surprised me though, teeing up all the right answers, and proving thhemselves VAIO know-it-alls.

    Even our forums are full of VAIO users helping other users by offering some really insightful tips and technical advice.

    So in the short time since we launched the VAIO Community, I’ve learned there are a lot of VAIO fans but how far would you go to prove it…[…]

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