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  1. dollybanner How to build your own dolly track (VIDEO) by Kathleen 06/20/2013

    Hey DIY fans! We’ve got a treat for you. SGNL by Sony host Olivia Speranza shares a simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to build a dolly track with materials from your local hardware and sporting goods stores. With a little bit of handiwork, you can create a slider that’ll allow you to capture professional-looking steady […]

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  2. FlickeringLights Inspired by Sony NEX gear: Flickering Lights by HitRECord [VIDEO] by Jen 03/11/2013

    This past fall, we partnered with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s HitRECord, an online hub where creative minds come together to make art, videos, music and anything else they can imagine. Since technology plays a large role in the production process,  we provided the community with the latest Sony Alpha NEX gear  to inspire content focused on the […]

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