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  1. VAIO & Billabong Hit the Road for Surf Lessons, Music, Contests and More by Team Sony 07/29/2010

    Earlier this year, VAIO and surf wear apparel brand Billabong decided to team up and do something fresh for the summer season ahead.

    Now, with two big projects successfully behind us, our journey with Billabong continues. With summer in full swing, we’ve outfitted singer/surfer Donavon Frankenreiter with a new W Series so you can follow along as he travels up and down both coasts to perform live as well as teach the locals to surf like a pro.

    We’ll also be tagging along with Billabong on both of their summer tours – the Billabong Aloha Days Retail Tour and the Billabong Transworld High Five Movie Tour.

    Hit the link to check out a trailer of High Five as well as watch Donavon’s latest video entry to the “Mustache Manifesto”…[…]

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  2. VAIO News: Attack of the Media Monster by Team Sony 07/19/2010

    This week, Sony’s latest ad campaign for VAIO kicks off by featuring its newest commercial in prime time. In the ad, Justin Timberlake heads back to the Sony Innovation Center following his most recent trip to check out all things 3D. This time he’s there to test and learn about the latest innovations from the Sony VAIO team and their line of personal computers.

    Just as the day gets started though, Justin and his engineer tour guide enter the VAIO lab only to be confronted with…[…]

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  3. Backstage Quick Tip #12: Transfer Files and Settings by Team Sony 07/07/2010

    Have you just purchased a new VAIO? Have an old PC that still has a lot of meticulously crafted personal settings, internet bookmarks, photos, music, etc. that you’d like to have on your new primary VAIO?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions you may like to know there’s any easy way to capture all your favorite files and settings on your old PC running Windows 7, Vista or even XP and transfer them to your primary or new VAIO running Windows 7. This quick tip will review just how you do it and…[…]

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  4. Video Recap – Design For Humanity Event by Team Sony 06/25/2010

    Two weeks ago, the VAIO team headed to L.A. to support Design For Humanity – Billabong’s annual charity event. If you’ve seen the new boardshort-inspired W Series, you know we’ve partnered with Billabong to create the design. We also featured the colorful new VAIO at the charity event.

    Find out more about the event, the charity and what inspired the design of the Imperial Lime W Series in this behind-the-scenes look at the Design For Humanity charity event by our very own Sony Electronics video blogger, Sukhjit. Hit the link for all the photos and video…[…]

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  5. VAIO News: First Look at the New P Series by Team Sony 05/10/2010

    Since we first introduced the P Series back in 2009 at CES, we’ve been hard at work behind-the-scenes brainstorming ways to make the P even better. Don’t worry though, all the things you love about the original P Series remain – like it’s unique, business envelope-sized form factor, built-in mobile broadband and GPS (select models only), vibrant 8” (1600 x 768) LED backlit display* and bundled noise cancelling headphones.

    So what is new you ask? The majority of differences are in…[…]

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  6. Can a Sony VAIO Launch a Rocket? by Team Sony 03/01/2010

    Did you know that the first rocket to land on the moon had far less computing power than today’s Sony VAIO computers?

    Sound farfetched?

    Think about it; in the relatively short amount of time since Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, computers have gone rom room-sized goliaths capable of calculating only simple equations to…[…]

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  7. Windows 7 Commercial Features Sony VAIO Designers by Team Sony 01/18/2010

    Last month the Sony Style blog posted a story with a great VAIO story. In the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft aired a series of commercials. This particular story was about “Sophie” who was searching for a touch screen computer running Windows 7. The answer for Sophie? A VAIO L Touch PC and HDTV.

    Hit the read more link for links to watch the full commercial plus see behind-the-scenes photos and…[…]

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  8. Are you tired of gift guides? by Gina 12/21/2009

    Browse a magazine, turn on the TV or cruise the web and you’ll run into some sort of gift guide. For some, the thought of another gift guide might spiral you into that feeling of nausea after eating just a little too much ice cream (too much of a good thing). On the other hand, some people gladly consume gift guides filled with […] Read More

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  9. Capturing Memories: From DigiDads to Drumsticks by Team Sony 11/24/2009

    I am looking forward to seeing my parents for Thanksgiving. It is unclear who is cooking the turkey or who might be over for dinner (in our house that’s part of the adventure). But I am sure of one thing: I am taking my Cyber-shot camera and Handycam camcorder with me to capture our gathering, the confusion over who is […] Read More

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  10. The Making of the VAIO X Series: Part 5 and 6 by Team Sony 11/20/2009

    This week we wrap up the Making of the X Series with our last two stories.

    One takes a look at arguably the most important component of a notebook. Any guesses?

    The other story follows an inconspicuous engineering team to discover why they were so intent on destroying as many X Series models as they could. And interestingly, they still work for Sony.

    Uncover all the details after the link…[…]

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