1. Backstage Quick Tip #83: Using Intel Wireless Display by Team Sony 09/14/2010

    I often find myself with something on my laptop that just has to be shared with whoever is in the room with me. Be it photos, videos or music; sometimes huddling around my laptop just won’t due. But digging behind my HDTV every time I want to connect my laptop to a TV or home theater system can be time consuming and frustrating.

    Did you know though that select VAIO PCs offer a simple solution for streaming content from your laptop to any display? This quick tip covers Intel Wireless Display technology and demonstrates just how simple and convenient it is to use. Hit the link to watch the video.

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  2. Which VAIO would we recommend and why? by Gina 09/09/2010

    Labor Day is over and there’s no question it marks the end of summer. The sky darkens quicker, the weather is cooler and school bells are ringing again.

    Some people are prepared. Backpacks are loaded up and pencil stacks line the hall closet.  For others, it’s more of a last minute deal snatching up the essentials days before and filling […] Read More

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  3. VAIO News: Recent Tour Stop Recaps + a Contest for You by Team Sony 08/25/2010

    As you’ve been reading, we’ve been up and down both coasts with Billabong on their High Five Movie Tour. And as we roll into the end of August, we’ve approached our final two tour stops in Newport Beach and San Diego.

    Hit the link below to check out video from both events plus try your hand at our VAIO / Billabong pop quiz – answering all three questions correctly could win you 1 of 2 Imperial Lime W Series or 1 of 10 Billabong boardshorts. All the details after the break…[…]

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  4. VAIO News: Recap from Huntington Beach and More by Team Sony 08/11/2010

    We continue to tag along with Billabong on their High Five Movie Tour as they travel up and down southern California to surf, meet fans and screen TransWorld’s latest surf movie High Five.

    After a long day of competition at the US Open of Surfing, the Billabong team and VAIO headed to Ra Sushi to celebrate, offer a free screening of High Five, and mingle with fans. We brought a camera crew along to record all the fun and capture the reactions of fans who won PCs at the end of the night.

    Hit the read more link for all the video and photos plus a trailer of the movie, High Five…[…]

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  5. VAIO & Billabong Hit the Road for Surf Lessons, Music, Contests and More by Team Sony 07/29/2010

    Earlier this year, VAIO and surf wear apparel brand Billabong decided to team up and do something fresh for the summer season ahead.

    Now, with two big projects successfully behind us, our journey with Billabong continues. With summer in full swing, we’ve outfitted singer/surfer Donavon Frankenreiter with a new W Series so you can follow along as he travels up and down both coasts to perform live as well as teach the locals to surf like a pro.

    We’ll also be tagging along with Billabong on both of their summer tours – the Billabong Aloha Days Retail Tour and the Billabong Transworld High Five Movie Tour.

    Hit the link to check out a trailer of High Five as well as watch Donavon’s latest video entry to the “Mustache Manifesto”…[…]

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  6. Rocket Project: We have liftoff! by Team Sony 07/23/2010

    After months of work and up to the minute starts and stops, the Rocket Project team had a successful launch today at 3:35 PM. This week the eight high school students from around the United States and their Mavericks mentor met in the blazing hot Black Rock Desert in Nevada to see if their labor of love for the last few […] Read More

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  7. VAIO News: Attack of the Media Monster by Team Sony 07/19/2010

    This week, Sony’s latest ad campaign for VAIO kicks off by featuring its newest commercial in prime time. In the ad, Justin Timberlake heads back to the Sony Innovation Center following his most recent trip to check out all things 3D. This time he’s there to test and learn about the latest innovations from the Sony VAIO team and their line of personal computers.

    Just as the day gets started though, Justin and his engineer tour guide enter the VAIO lab only to be confronted with…[…]

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  8. What’s Your E Color Combo? by Gina 07/09/2010

    Over the centuries, fashion has lent itself as a means for style however one could argue that in the 21st century; perhaps technology has become the dominant means for personal expression? With this newer trend comes the complexity of selection. Now instead of a one-color computer option, we have many. And for online shoppers, I know first hand the devastation […] Read More

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  9. Backstage Quick Tip #12: Transfer Files and Settings by Team Sony 07/07/2010

    Have you just purchased a new VAIO? Have an old PC that still has a lot of meticulously crafted personal settings, internet bookmarks, photos, music, etc. that you’d like to have on your new primary VAIO?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions you may like to know there’s any easy way to capture all your favorite files and settings on your old PC running Windows 7, Vista or even XP and transfer them to your primary or new VAIO running Windows 7. This quick tip will review just how you do it and…[…]

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  10. Backstage Quick Tip #23: Minimizing Eye Strain While at the Computer by Team Sony 06/30/2010

    When sitting at the computer, it’s important to optimize our comfort level since we’re often in the same position for hours on end. The comfort of our eyes though is just as important and often overlooked. In fact, a few minor adjustments to the brightness of your screen can help reduce eye strain and really enhance your viewing experience.

    Adjusting the brightness of your screen is simple. In just a few easy steps, you can easily adjust the brightness of your display, improving both the quality of your viewing experience and the life of your battery. Here’s how…[…]

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