1. Sony Store Launches Post-Holiday Sales 2013 by Reena 12/26/2013

    We hope you had a great holiday! Didn’t get the gadgets you were hoping for? Today we’ve launched some post-holiday sales for you. Most of the following deals end on December 28th, 2013 so get them while you can. Not seeing what you’re looking for? There were so many deals we couldn’t post them all […]

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  2. Sony creates Tokodoki laptop skin, interviews Toki Doki Creator Simone Legno by Gina 12/13/2013

    In a sea of identical gadgets, the best way to showcase your personality is to customize your tech and make it your own. Well, Sony and GelaSkins have got you covered, offering skins for our gaming consoles, computers, and more. One of the most popular skins features characters of tokidoki. In fact we couldn’t help […]

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  3. Happy Cinco de VAIO! by Kathleen 05/05/2012

    For most, Cinco de Mayo is about throwing fiestas and getting your grub on. Around here, however, we’re celebrating Cinco de VAIO. Yep, you read that right. Today, we’re busting out the sombreros and salsa for VAIO® PCs. Our lineup of laptop and desktop computers had humble beginnings in 1996 but has since flourished, incluing […]

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