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  1. vaiotapbanner VAIO Tap 11 Teardown by Kathleen 10/30/2013

    In case you missed it, the VAIO Tap 11 is now available for pre-order! Hit the play button to geek out on all the internal components of our latest Windows 8 Tablet. Of course, what is torn apart must be put back together. That’s exactly what our engineer did, see him work his magic in […]

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  2. SGNLthumbnail Unique features of Sony products showcased at CES 2013 by Kathleen 02/15/2013

    Happy Friday, everyone! In our latest SGNL episode, we show you guys some of the unique programs and features on Sony gadgets. From improving your golf swing to mixing music, we’ve got you covered. Check it out:

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  3. VAIOvideo-560x309 The VAIO Duo, VAIO Tap: Not-so-top-secret anymore & now shipping by Kathleen 12/07/2012

    Some would say the Sony VAIO Tap and Duo are gadgets fit for a secret agent (in addition to exploding pens and umbrella guns). Get the scoop from the “British Intelligence R&D Team.”

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