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  1. VAIO News: Spring VAIO Signature Collection by Team Sony 02/09/2010

    Last month the Sony Style Blog reported the announcement of Sony Style’s new spring line of the VAIO Signature Collection. This is an exclusive set of VAIO models only available at SonyStyle and includes a limited production run of each model. This spring’s line includes…[…]

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  2. Making a Statement with VAIO by Team Sony 06/29/2009

    If you’re looking for a PC that sets you apart from the masses, you’ve come to the right place. Sony’s recently announced Signature Collection includes unique models with lots of personalization like the CS series animal friendly crocodile skin, the VAIO Z Kaleidoscope design and a higher performance  VAIO P.  All of the models announced are only available on sonystyle.com […] Read More

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  3. VAIO News: Introducing the VAIO Signature Collection by Team Sony 06/26/2009

    There’s been some buzz about the fact that we’ve been blogging about crocodiles and random colors and that we may have a related announcement. Well folks, we do…[…]

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