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  1. What We’re Reading by Team Sony 08/29/2009

    Check out the links below to discover our favorite bits on the web this week and catch up on everything Sony.

    – The Reader group’s Big Week and Video From NYC

    – The Mimo USB mini Display

    – District 9 Trailer

    – Making Outlook Faster

    – Download of the week: Hulu’s Desktop Application

    – Video Review: FW480J/T

    and more…[…]

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  2. What We’re Reading by Team Sony 08/21/2009

    Check out what we’re reading to discover our favorite bits on the web this week and catch up on everything Sony.

    This week:

    – Sony Outlet now on Twitter.

    – New PS3?

    – Need an idea for one last vacation before summer’s end?

    – Sony takes the wraps of their latest project…

    – PC show and tell.

    – Our favorite VAIO yet!

    and more…[…]

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  3. VAIO News: This Award Brought to You by the Letter P by Team Sony 07/09/2009

    With summer in full swing and utility bills soaring as we all crank up the AC, last month LAPTOP magazine began a project to determine just how much power notebooks consume on a daily basis. Although many companies have made their notebooks more environmentally friendly, power consumption remains relatively untested and un-compared across models. Their goal: to uncover…[…]

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  4. VAIO News: Summer Refresh by Team Sony 06/29/2009

    Just in time for the summer, we’ve released a brand new batch of colors and upgrades to all of our existing model series – some of which will definitely knock your socks off. The new colors include…[…]

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  5. VAIO News: Introducing the VAIO Signature Collection by Team Sony 06/26/2009

    There’s been some buzz about the fact that we’ve been blogging about crocodiles and random colors and that we may have a related announcement. Well folks, we do…[…]

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  6. VAIO News: Sony Teams Up with Denzel Washington in Charity Auction. Bid for an Autographed VAIO. by Team Sony 06/23/2009

    For those of you who are either die-hard Denzel Washington or VAIO fans (both are cool operators) you may be interested to know that we are auctioning off a VAIO notebook autographed by Denzel which was used in…[…]

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  7. VAIO News: Taking the Wraps off the New NW by Team Sony 06/18/2009

    Today, we announced our newest line of notebooks – the VAIO® NW series. Here are some of the features: My favorite – the 15.5″ NW offers a Blu-ray Disc™ option at our lowest price yet – $880. Also, it has…[…]

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  8. VAIO News: Seagate® Hard Disk Drive Quality Issue by Team Sony 06/17/2009

    Seagate Technology has reported that a small percentage of certain hard disk drives (HDD) are experiencing performance issues. Some of these affected drives have been installed in certain VAIO® desktop computers and VAIO Home Servers including…[…]

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  9. The VAIO FW Wins Over Mother and Son by Team Sony 06/08/2009

    In case you missed it, the VAIO FW was featured in a recent series of commercials including…[…]

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