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  1. VAIOBanner NEW: Sony introduces world’s lightest Ultrabook, VAIO® Pro, & next gen VAIO Duo by Kathleen 06/04/2013

    Big VAIO news to share with y’all! Sony’s officially coming out with the world’s lightest touch-enabled Ultrabook, the VAIO Pro. When we say “world’s lightest,” we don’t mess around. The 13-inch PC weighs in at 2.34 pounds while the 11-inch model is only 1.92 pounds! We’re also pulling the curtain back on the successor to our […]

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  2. Recover Your Sony Tablet™ S to Factory Settings by Sarah 04/20/2012

    Since the holidays, I’ve finally got a good handle on how my Sony Tablet™ S works. I’m chatting online with my friends and family, I’m adding photos and watching movies but I’ve also put so many applications on there that I never use. I think one of the applications is causing my tablet to freeze […]

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