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  1. vaioflipbanner Sony VAIO® Flip Sweepstakes by Kathleen 11/04/2013

    This week, we are in cahoots with two-time Olympian Gabby Douglas. She’ll be tumbling and flipping around the streets of New York to spread the word about our new VAIO | Flip PC.

    (If you’re in the NYC area, check out this link for all the details.)

    The PC instantly goes from laptop, to tablet, to viewer mode with a […] Read More

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  2. vaioflipteardownthumbnailbanner Sony VAIO® | Flip PC gets the teardown treatment, now available for pre-order by Kathleen 10/14/2013

    Big news on the VAIO front today! The VAIO | Flip PC is now available for pre-order. To celebrate, we open it up and check out the insides. Hit the play button for major eye candy.

    We know what you guys are going to ask next, and we’re prepared!

    “Great. You took it apart, but can you reassemble it?” The […] Read More

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  3. DSC07413 INTRODUCING: The Luxurious VAIO® | Red Edition by Katie 08/08/2013

    Today, Sony announced a limited number of  VAIO® Duo, Pro and Fit models that can now be purchased in an exclusive, rich, glossy red. The VAIO® | Red Edition is distinctly Sony featuring exquisite details, extreme portability and speedy performance. Check out the photo collage below and learn more about these new models at Sony Store.


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  4. VAIObanner You’re invited: Live Twitter #winchat all about the Sony VAIO Duo 13 by Kathleen 07/12/2013

    Similar to how we seek out “beauty and brains” in potential partners, we hope for the same qualities in a computer. A large part of choosing and owning a computer is in its aesthetic appeal, but more than that, your PC needs to fit both your stylistic tastes and lifestyle needs.

    During our Tuesday Tech Chat next week, we will […] Read More

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  5. DSC07354 Inside the New VAIO Duo by Katie 06/14/2013

    This month, Sony  announced its new VAIO Duo 13. Part tablet, part Ultrabook, this next generation device comes with a 13″ panel, a larger keyboard, and a bunch of good stuff on the inside including: Intel® Core™ processors, USB charging port housed within the AC adapter, NFC (Near Field Communication technology) and more.

    We wanted to show you how cool the new product looks […] Read More

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  6. Tips & Tricks: What is VAIO Care™ and how does it work? by Sarah 04/07/2012

    What is that ASSIST button for on the top of my VAIO® Laptop? What does VAIO Care™ mean? It’s listed under my programs. My VAIO Laptop has been really slow lately and I just don’t know how to go about fixing it. And honestly, I don’t have time right now to call technical support for help. Can this VAIO Care thing […] Read More

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