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  1. New VAIO PC Line Up On Sony Style by Gina 06/08/2010

    Today Sony Style posted a slew of new VAIO PCs on the website. A few resemble those seen in other countries (and requested in the US), one you’ve probably read about and one that’s entirely new…[…]

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  2. Welcome to the New Sony Blog by Gina 05/04/2010

    We’ve been diligently working behind the scenes and are thrilled to be able to introduce our new blog to you. As you can see, a lot has changed[…]

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  3. Announcing the New VAIO Compact Palladium Notebook by Gina 04/01/2010

    Today marks the announcement of the VAIO Compact Palladium Notebook, our newest addition to the VAIO Signature Collection, exclusively seen at SonyStyle.com. This limited edition model boasts the latest in futuristic computing.

    Measuring 7.5” in diameter, the Palladium is feature packed with advanced, patented technologies light-years past the everyday notebooks you’d experience today.

    This macho machine incorporates the latest in […] Read More

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  4. Sony Style’s Signature Collection VAIO P Appears on the Fashion Scene by Gina 02/24/2010

    For fashion mavens, having a stylish notebook can be as important as the right pair of shoes and not having the right glam gadget can throw off a look entirely.

    We were thrilled to see that a member of the Signature Collection made its way onto the fashion scene at last week’s New York Fashion Week. Sony Sponsored the William […] Read More

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  5. Interviews with the Sony VAIO Z Notebook Designers by Gina 02/11/2010

    Last month we announced an entirely new, reinvented VAIO Z series notebook. Combining the strengths of the previous models with new materials and technologies, the Sony designers set out to create the next thing in mobile computing.

    With its release, we’ve seen tremendous feedback and today, a favorable review of one of the Z models by techie blogger, Engadget. A series of videos were […] Read More

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  6. New VAIO E Series & Signature E Series Notebooks Hit Sony Style by Gina 02/02/2010

    And just when you thought you couldn’t express yourself more, we put the new VAIO E series notebooksup on Sony Style available for pre-order. The VAIO E notebook lets you play with your personality by offering a wide variety of bold colors and patterns. If you’re feeling frisky, you can switch out the keyboard and mouse skins to bring it up […] Read More

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  7. Announcing The New Spring VAIO Signature Collection by Gina 01/07/2010

    I’m currently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where we just announced a new season of the limited edition VAIO Signature Collection computers currently available for purchase exclusively at Sony Style.

    The spring line marks an entirely new flavor of premium personalization and performance. It’s also our first season where we’re introducing a Signature Collection desktop. Queue runway music…

    CW290X in “Brilliant Pink” and […] Read More

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  8. Order Dates Ensuring Holiday Delivery Draws Near by Gina 12/15/2009

    Every year it’s the same story. Day after day goes by and you tell yourself, “Today I’m going to order everyone’s gifts”. You get home and get caught up on other important things and before you know it, it’s the night before the holidays and you’re rummaging through paper weights and socks at the only store open until 9pm.

    For […] Read More

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  9. The Scoop: Black Friday Offers on SonyStyle.com by Gina 11/26/2009

    I could try to write something fun but let’s face it. When we’re in the Black Friday zone we don’t care. Heck I’ve pushed mannequins over to get to what I need (true story, not proud). And what I need are sales, deals and prices. So for my fellow bargain shoppers out there, I wish you happy hunting and here’s […] Read More

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  10. New VAIO W Added to Sony Style Signature Collection by Gina 11/15/2009

    In the spirit of the holidays, Sony Style released a new member to the limited edition Winter Signature Collection. The Holiday Sparkle W Series VAIO notebook.

    Limited in quantity, this unique design was inspired by one of Mother Nature’s most infamous displays of beauty: snowflakes. Because of changing temperatures and atmospheres, each natural snowflake is one of a kind. As you can […] Read More

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