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  1. RS_NationalAwards_md The 2013 National Book Awards by Amy Currier 09/24/2013

    The Nominees Are In!

    Award season is here and book nerds are happy to be right in the thick of it. For the first time, the National Book Awards released four separate longlists for nominees (translation: 2x the reading recommendations we need to get eyes on stat!)

    Enjoy the full list below, and comment with the nominees you’re already—or dying […] Read More

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  2. belovedBooksThruAges Bestselling books throughout the ages by Amy Currier 09/04/2012

    With the launch of the new Reader™ from Sony last week, we’ve been thinking about just how far technology has come in the past several decades. Most are quick to point out the leaping and bounding technology sector, but Reader™ Store wants to point out something we’ve all seen evolve, just as our predecessors have and our generations to come […] Read More

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  3. beautifulbooks It’s National Book Lovers Day! Celebrate with 5 beautiful books by Amy Currier 08/09/2012

    Today we raise our Reader™ to book lovers and their sidekicks: books (duh).

    You’re the mavens of mystery, the reapers of romance, the devourers of dystopian; you’re the caviar eaters of literary consumption, so we want to give you something beautiful from the inside out and outside in.

    But we’ll keep it short and sweet (so you can get back […] Read More

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  4. Reader-mom-560x362 Reader Store’s Top Book Picks for Mother’s Day by Maya 05/11/2012

    So your mom is an avid reader? You are in luck – Reader™ Store has come to the rescue with a carefully curated list of their top Mother’s Day reads. Because really, is there any better gift than helping mom relax and escape a little? These books will help her do just that:

    The debut novel from Jim Grimsley, Winter Birds […] Read More

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