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  1. Wild bobcat kitten Lefty Sony Camera Club Flickr Spotlight: Jamie Felton by Katie 09/24/2013

    Sony Camera Club on Flickr houses nearly 150 thousand photos of everything from vast landscapes to wild animals all captured on Sony gear. This group of talented photographers (Cyber-shot and Alpha users alike) are regular contributors to our monthly photo challenges and are passionate about creating quality works of art for the community. It was tough to choose just one member […] Read More

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  2. goldenhourbanner New Sony Camera Club Flickr Challenge: Magic Hour by Kathleen 07/10/2013

    This month we celebrate “Magic Hour” – most commonly known as the first and last hour of sunlight during the day when you can make the simplest object look surprisingly stunning (at least we hope). Typically, lighting is softer and warmer in hue and shadows are almost non-existent. Doesn’t matter whether you are an experience d Sony camera user or […] Read More

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  3. Sony Camera Club Flickr Photos Sony Camera Club Tribute: 100K Photos by Katie 05/01/2013

    One hundred thousand photos, now that’s something to celebrate.

    This year we added our 100,000th photo to the Sony Camera Club Flickr gallery and we’re pretty proud to show off some of our favorites from the pool. It’s our pleasure to show you some of the amazing photography submitted by our loyal Sony camera users from all over the world […] Read More

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