Tag: “Sony AV Receiver”

  1. DSC07427 Teardown: STR-DN1040 A/V Receiver by Katie 07/25/2013

    We saw how much you guys enjoyed the Tech Candy photos of the new STR-DN1040 A/V Receiver, so we wanted to follow up with a deeper dive inside the product.

    We give you, the DN1040 guts: 

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  2. STRDN1040banner Get the scoop: Sony AV Receiver with AirPlay® , Bluetooth® , WiFi® (STR-DN1040) by Kathleen 04/25/2013

    Today we’re pulling the curtain back on our newest AV receiver, the STR-DN1040. Like its predecessor, this baby’s got it all – AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi – while still preserving the stellar sound quality you can expect from Sony gear. Get the rundown of features from SGNL by Sony.

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