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  1. thumbnail 5 Camera Settings Everyone Should Know. by Communications 10/06/2015

    All cameras ship with various default options and the SGNL by Sony team chose five camera settings just about every modern camera has. By taking advantage of these settings you can maximize your camera’s capabilities.

    Image Quality Settings – changing the capture settings to items like RAW or jpeg image sizes. Exposure value – ways to brighten or darken the […] Read More

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  2. lens_YT Picking the Right Lens for Your Photography: Lens Buyer’s Guide by Gina 06/23/2015

    Once you’ve bought a camera that lets you swap lenses, you have to pick one! It’s pretty easy if you’re a professional photographer or serious photo enthusiast but for others who’ve never shopped for a lens before, don’t panic. The SGNL by Sony team teamed up with tech guru Patrick Norton to help you make a great choice for a […] Read More

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  3. Vine Camera Blog Image The Incredible Morphing Sony Alpha Camera! by Reena 02/21/2014

    Watch our Sony Alpha cameras transform before your eyes… with a little bit of Vine magic!

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  4. ILCE-6000_wSELP1650_top_black-1200 NEW: Sony α6000 Interchangable Lens Camera with World’s Fastest Autofocus System by Katie 02/11/2014

    Tonight, Sony announced its new α6000 Interchangeable Lens Camera with the world’s fastest autofocus system AND five new Cyber-shot® cameras. On that list of new gear includes the world’s first camera with 63x zoom (H400) and the world’s smallest and lightest 20x zoom compact (WX350).

    You can find everything you need to know about the Sony α6000 by clicking on […] Read More

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  5. davidmclain What’s in my Camera Bag: David McLain by Kathleen 11/13/2013

    Continuing our “What’s in my Camera Bag” series, here is a peek at what’s in Sony Artisan David McLain’s:

    See below for the rundown, in David’s words:

    Pelican case

    2 Sony a99‘s

    a headlamp b/c you always seem to need one when you get up before sunrise and go to bed late

    International outlet converter b/c the one thing […] Read More

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  6. a99photoplusbanner DSLR Video Capture: David McLain talks a99 by Kathleen 10/25/2013

    One of the awesome things about Photo Plus is that we get to hang out with our Sony Artisans.

    National Geographic photographer David McLain joins us to share why the Sony a99 is his camera of choice for both photography and cinematography. Hit the play button to learn more.

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  7. a71banner Sony A7 cameras: Get answers from acclaimed photographer Brian Smith by Kathleen 10/21/2013

    Hot off the heels of our A7 and A7R full frame camera announcements, we’ll be heading to Photo Plus this week to show off our new gear and will be joined by celebrity photographer Brian Smith. As a Sony Artisan, Brian reps Sony equipment and shares his expertise with photographers all over the world. Here’s a peek at his camera […] Read More

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  8. a71banner Your α7 and α7R Questions Answered- Updated by Gina 10/17/2013

    ***Dear Sony Blog readers, thank you so much for all the A7 questions! With so many awesome questions still coming through, we’re going to do a part 2 of this post. Stay tuned***

    The Internet has been abuzz with the news that Sony officially released their new Full Frame α7 and α7R cameras. Since the announcement, we’ve seen many questions […] Read More

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  9. cristina m bag What’s in my Camera Bag: Cristina Mittermeier by Kathleen 10/08/2013

    Sony Artisan Cristina Mittermeier is gearing up for a National Geographic assignment in Hawaii. Here’s a look at what she’s taking with her:

    1. Sony A99 X 2

    2. External Flash/Video light HVLF60M

    3. Nauticam NA-NEX7 Underwater Housing for Sony NEX-7 camera

    4. Sony 70-200mm

    5. Sony  70-400 mm

    6. Nauticam 7″ Acrylic Dome Port for Sony NEX […] Read More

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  10. goldenhourbanner New Sony Camera Club Flickr Challenge: Magic Hour by Kathleen 07/10/2013

    This month we celebrate “Magic Hour” – most commonly known as the first and last hour of sunlight during the day when you can make the simplest object look surprisingly stunning (at least we hope). Typically, lighting is softer and warmer in hue and shadows are almost non-existent. Doesn’t matter whether you are an experience d Sony camera user or […] Read More

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