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  1. a99photoplusbanner DSLR Video Capture: David McLain talks a99 by Kathleen 10/25/2013

    One of the awesome things about Photo Plus is that we get to hang out with our Sony Artisans.

    National Geographic photographer David McLain joins us to share why the Sony a99 is his camera of choice for both photography and cinematography. Hit the play button to learn more.

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  2. a7rphotoplusbanner Ask Brian Smith about the Sony A7 by Kathleen 10/25/2013

    Sony’s at Photo Plus this week showing off our latest gear, including the Sony A7 and A7R cameras.

    We linked up with Sony Artisan Brian Smith on the show floor, and he answered your most pressing questions about the camera. Watch below.

    For more from Sony at Photo Plus, click here.

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