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  1. RS_NationalAwards_md The 2013 National Book Awards by Amy Currier 09/24/2013

    The Nominees Are In!

    Award season is here and book nerds are happy to be right in the thick of it. For the first time, the National Book Awards released four separate longlists for nominees (translation: 2x the reading recommendations we need to get eyes on stat!)

    Enjoy the full list below, and comment with the nominees you’re already—or dying […] Read More

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  2. Capturing Memories: From DigiDads to Drumsticks by Team Sony 11/24/2009

    I am looking forward to seeing my parents for Thanksgiving. It is unclear who is cooking the turkey or who might be over for dinner (in our house that’s part of the adventure). But I am sure of one thing: I am taking my Cyber-shot camera and Handycam camcorder with me to capture our gathering, the confusion over who is […] Read More

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  3. An "E" Book Experience by Team Sony 10/31/2009

    It is in the spirit of families reading together that we created the latest Sony DigiDads project. Of course, we’re going the updated route with eBooks and we loaned the dads Sony Reader Pocket Editions. We chose the Pocket Edition for this project because it is simple to use and small enough to fit in children’s hands. The video below […] Read More

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