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  1. VIDEO: New VAIO® S Series 13” Laptop w/ Core i7 & New Sheet Battery by Gina 03/07/2011

    So for folks who love speeds and feeds, hopefully today will start you off on a good week. Today, the new VAIO S 13” laptop rolled out in the U.S. Now you might be thinking “Wait. I saw an announcement already”. That was actually an announcement from our friends in Europe about their VAIO S model. In addition to all […] Read More

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  2. Netbook or Notebook: Which Is Best for You? by Team Sony 03/09/2010

    Netbooks have gained widespread attention because of their low price and portability, but how do you know if buying one is right for you?

    When it comes to netbooks and notebooks, although the names may sound the same, they imply very different types of computers. And before you make a purchase, it’s important to understand the difference so you can be sure your buying the PC that’s best for you.

    Here’s what you need to know…[…]

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  3. VAIO Breaking News: New VAIO E Series Announced by Team Sony 02/02/2010

    Just in time for a mid-winter pick me up; today we announced a new line of Sony VAIO notebooks – the VAIO E Series. And just in case you couldn’t handle being surrounded by more shades of dull winter grays and whites, this announcement certainly won’t disappoint.

    From new colors to a subtle change in the look of the VAIO logo, there’s definitely a lot to share. Hit the read more link for the complete scoop…[…]

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  4. New VAIO W Added to Sony Style Signature Collection by Gina 11/15/2009

    In the spirit of the holidays, Sony Style released a new member to the limited edition Winter Signature Collection. The Holiday Sparkle W Series VAIO notebook.

    Limited in quantity, this unique design was inspired by one of Mother Nature’s most infamous displays of beauty: snowflakes. Because of changing temperatures and atmospheres, each natural snowflake is one of a kind. As you can […] Read More

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