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  1. Tips & Tricks: What is VAIO Care™ and how does it work? by Sarah 04/07/2012

    What is that ASSIST button for on the top of my VAIO® Laptop? What does VAIO Care™ mean? It’s listed under my programs. My VAIO Laptop has been really slow lately and I just don’t know how to go about fixing it. And honestly, I don’t have time right now to call technical support for help. Can this VAIO Care thing […] Read More

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  2. VIDEO: New VAIO® S Series 13” Laptop w/ Core i7 & New Sheet Battery by Gina 03/07/2011

    So for folks who love speeds and feeds, hopefully today will start you off on a good week. Today, the new VAIO S 13” laptop rolled out in the U.S. Now you might be thinking “Wait. I saw an announcement already”. That was actually an announcement from our friends in Europe about their VAIO S model. In addition to all […] Read More

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  3. See Video of the Newly Released VAIO E Series Notebook by Team Sony 02/02/2010

    Caribbean Green, Iridescent Blue, Hibiscus Pink and Lava Black… no these are not the names of beverages you’d sip while on a tropical vacation, these are names of some of the beautiful colors you’ll find on Sony’s new VAIO E Series Notebook, announced today. If the colors don’t put a smile on your face, the price will. Retailing at $700, […] Read More

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