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  1. Announcing New VAIO Computer Line Up Including An Ultrabook by Gina 06/04/2012

    This morning Sony announced their new line up of  VAIO computers including our first-ever ultrabook (VAIO T series). But the news didn’t stop there with new designs and updates for the VAIO S along with some spiffy new features in the VAIO E and VAIO Z series laptops. And for all-in-one desktop fans, you’ll be very interested in seeing what’s […] Read More

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  2. Debuting at e3: A New VAIO L Series all-in-one computer with 3D Technology by Team Sony 06/14/2011

    Last week at the annual mecca of all things gaming, the E3 Expo, a brand new VAIO® PC hit the scene for the first time. The new VAIO L Series all-in-one computer with 3D Technology is a special treat for those who want both a desktop for intense gaming and a productivity tool for fun things like writing papers or […] Read More

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  3. Windows 7 Commercial Features Sony VAIO Designers by Team Sony 01/18/2010

    Last month the Sony Style blog posted a story with a great VAIO story. In the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft aired a series of commercials. This particular story was about “Sophie” who was searching for a touch screen computer running Windows 7. The answer for Sophie? A VAIO L Touch PC and HDTV.

    Hit the read more link for links to watch the full commercial plus see behind-the-scenes photos and…[…]

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  4. Windows 7 Is Here! by Team Sony 10/23/2009

    At long last, worse than waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, Windows 7 is here! To make sure you know all the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s newest operating system, we’ll be covering Windows 7 throughout the coming weeks. From the newest features to the most helpful tips, you’ll be able to…[…]

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  5. Inside The VAIO7 Experience in NYC by Team Sony 10/16/2009

    There’s no doubt that last week’s VAIO event in NYC was packed with exciting news and amazing performances. Located in Midtown, Guastavino’s was the perfect location for the event with its stunning 13 foot windows and massive cathedral-like mason archways, it all created a dramatic backdrop for both Cirque Berzerk’s performance and the new VAIO PC announcements.

    Hit the read more link to check out a recap of the event including video demos, celebrity interviews and photos…[…]

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  6. VAIO Breaking News: New Touch-Screen HD PC/TV Just Announced in NYC by Team Sony 10/07/2009

    Things are just getting kicked off here in NYC and in addition to some exciting guests – more on that later – I already have some exciting news!

    Mike Abary, senior vice president NTSD (the head honcho of the VAIO business group), just unveiled a new touch-enabled all-in-one – the VAIO® L Touch HD PC/TV.

    I think you’ll love…[…]

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