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  1. thumbnail Tips On Taking Great Pictures Using Your Smartphone by Suzy 06/19/2014

    Nowadays, mobile photography is a recognizable art form. With the right lighting or editing, pictures captured on a smartphone can easily turn into museum-worthy masterpieces. In the latest SGNL by Sony episode, Daniel Berman, Founder of the Mobile Photography Awards, along with award-winning photographers share tips on improving mobile photo-taking skills. And better yet, these tips can be incorporated by […] Read More

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  2. PlayMemories Mobile App V.4.0 Launches Plus A Key Firmware Upgrade Is Coming- UPDATED by Gina 12/20/2013

    ***Update: You can find the System Software Update for the QX10 here and for the QX100 here ***

    This week Sony announced plans for software and firmware updates aimed at improving the overall usability, speed and functionality of the Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 “Lens-Style” Cameras.

    PlayMemories Mobile™ app V.4.0 is now available in both the Google Play™ and App Store. […] Read More

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  3. diycameracage1banner How to build your own smartphone camera cage by Kathleen 11/08/2013

    In this episode of SGNL by Sony, we get crafty and build a simple camera cage for smartphones.

    A camera cage is a simple and effective way to securely mount accessories — like the Sony QX10 lens-style camera — that can bring your smartphone videos to the next level. You’ll also be surprised at the creative and unique […] Read More

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  4. Tips & Tricks: What is VAIO Care™ and how does it work? by Sarah 04/07/2012

    What is that ASSIST button for on the top of my VAIO® Laptop? What does VAIO Care™ mean? It’s listed under my programs. My VAIO Laptop has been really slow lately and I just don’t know how to go about fixing it. And honestly, I don’t have time right now to call technical support for help. Can this VAIO Care thing […] Read More

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  5. Tips & Tricks: Connect your Blu-ray Disc™ Player to a Wireless Network by Sarah 03/23/2012

    It’s Friday night, your work week was a long one and you’re just glad it’s finally over. Now you’re home, in comfy clothes, lounging on the sofa with the family just in time for the pizza delivery driver. Now what to watch…  There’s nothing on TV and you’re really not in the mood to go stand in line at the […] Read More

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  6. Eco-Friendly Ideas For Product Packaging by Gina 01/18/2010

    In the spirit of all your new gifts you’ve started to put to use after the holiday and the new VAIO W, the eco model, I”d like to share a video produced last month by photo craft DIY blogger, Photojojo.

    With gifts come wrappings. With new gadgets come product packaging & boxes.

    We asked the infamous bloggers to take Sony products and […] Read More

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  7. Sony Panel Expert Nigel Barker Takes On Photo Q&A From Twitter by Gina 01/12/2010

    While I was at the Consumer Electronics Show, I stopped by the Sony booth to see Sony panel expert and professional photographer, Nigel Barker, answer questions from Sony customers. Most recently Nigel offered a series of video how-to’s you can find on our website tutoring the tips on capturing memorable moments such as birthday parties, weddings and holiday parties. In last week’s haps, customers […] Read More

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