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  1. PUMPKIN High Tech Pumpkin Carving by Kathleen 11/19/2013

    We are huge fans of Halloween and aren’t ready to let it go just yet! From the costumes and the candy to the spooky festivities, what’s not to love?

    So as one last Halloween hurrah, we went on a pumpkin-carving spree, nixing the traditional carving tools and going a bit more high tech instead.

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  2. SonyHalloween-560x348 SGNL talks technologies that’ll make you tremble by Kathleen 10/31/2012

    Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls!

    SGNL by Sony celebrates the spookiest day of the year by asking our favorite internet TV hosts what technologies and gadgets give them major heebie jeebies.

    Our favorite answer of the bunch: “The trend of wall-mounted singing fish.” Remember those? Yikes! Watch for more below. The answers will surprise you …

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