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  1. img_icc-500 Flashback Friday: The ICC-500 by Gina 10/09/2009

    1967. Twig-like models took over fashion, paper clothing emerged, the summer of love was coined. To add up all these amazing life moments in 1967, you could simply turn on your Sony SOBAX ICC-500.

    Titled “SOBAX” this device was considered Sony’s first personal computing unit. It stood for “Solid State Abacus” and marketed as a portable electronics calculator. This nifty […] Read More

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  2. sonyTR-63 Flashback Friday: Sony TR-63 Pocket Radios by Gina 09/11/2009

    1957. A quarter would buy you a gallon of gas, the first animal orbited space (does anyone know the name?) and the word “pocketabe” had a whole new meaning as the world’s smallest transistor radio hit the market: The TR-63. The TR-63 is filled with interesting and random stories. It was the little sibling of the TR-55 and much smaller […] Read More

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  3. l Flashback Friday: Sony Stores and Buildings by Gina 08/07/2009

    1962-1966. Salt and Vinegar flavored chips were first sold, mods and rockers looks were gaining notoriety and it marked a new time in Sony history with the emergence of new Sony stores and buildings.

    Now usually I’d cover a product but today’s post is a reminder that we also have Sony Style store locations. 1962 paved the way for these stores […] Read More

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  4. img_tc-2850sd Flashback Friday: Sony’s TC-2850SD "Cassette Densuke" by Gina 07/31/2009

    1973: The barcode was invented, Shrinky Dinks ® were first sold (I love these btw), and it was the first time you could cruise the waves on a jet-ski. What better way to record your cries of joy than with Sony’s TC-2850SD “Cassette Densuke”.

    The “Densuke” name comes from Sony’s professional-level portable tape recorder which hit markets over 20 years […] Read More

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  5. TBT_Alternate Flashback Friday: All Sony Products in 1976 by Gina 07/17/2009

    1976. It was a bicentennial year for the U.S. and also the year Sony assembled every product offered in a single location. In the summer of ’76, baseball fans weren’t the only thing packing into stadiums. Sony assembled all their products at The National Stadium in Sendagaya, Tokyo (also known as the Olympic Stadium, home of the ’64 Olympics).

    It wasn’t […] Read More

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  6. sony-walkman Flashback Friday: This is Sony by Gina 07/10/2009

    1970’s: Wow. Here we are reminiscing about old days when Walkman products were first introduced but look at this audio technology. It’s fun to think about where we’ve come from and where we’re heading. Which products do you see surrounding that tagline in a more current version of the picture? As we get ready for the weekend, let’s flash forward […] Read More

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  7. sony Flashback Friday: Sony CF-520 by Gina 07/03/2009

    1978. A year of many  “firsts”. The first test tube baby, BBS (bulletin board system), cellular mobile phone and one of Sony’s very first boomboxes: the CF-520. Let’s just hope 1978 marks the “last” of men sporting perms. In the theme of the holiday, bring your boombox to beach, watch some fireworks and let’s kick off Flashback Friday.

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  8. 68sony700 Flashback Friday: Sony 700-U TV by Gina 06/19/2009

    1968. The acronym for LED (light-emitting diode) was invented, velvet was all the rage, and you could buy a burger for fewer than 50 cents. Good thing because you’ll want to spend those extra pennies on the hot new Sony 700-U TV. So put on your Go-Go boots and let’s kick off Flashback Friday.

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