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  1. CCDV8 500 Flashback Friday: 1985 CCD-V8 by Gina 07/19/2013

    1985: Maddie and David finally gave in, the Titanic’s final resting place was discovered and we were all brought Back To The Future. What better way to memorialize all of this joy  and excitement than with the Sony CCD-V8.

    Announced to the press on January 8, 1985  and first sold in Japan on January 25th for 280,000 yen, it was […] Read More

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  2. 800px-Trinitron Flashback Friday: Legend of the WEGA® TV by Kathleen 12/23/2012

    Today’s installment is a special one because we’re sharing a flashback through the perspective of one of our very own Sony employees.

    Raef Wyatt of Sony’s sales organization tells us about his favorite Sony product: the Sony Trinitron® WEGA flatscreen TV, circa the late 1990’s.

    We figure there are a lot more cool stories out there like Raef’s so we’ve re-launched our Share Your […] Read More

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  3. qfhh7c00000esqpt Flashback Friday: Sony Scope by Kathleen 05/04/2012

    1961. A time when cell phones and home computers didn’t exist and you had only three television networks from which to get your daily dose of entertainment and news. It was also the year that Sony introduced a new way to communicate to the masses with the Sony Scope projector.

    The Sony Scope projected images from one Sony building onto […] Read More

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  4. iEPMMHkxVNZk Flashback Friday: Betamax video recorder by Kathleen 04/27/2012

    It was the year Saturday Night Live hit airwaves, the Steelers defeated the Vikings and became NFL Champions, and Swedish pop sensation ABBA performed on American Bandstand.

    In 1975, this was TV programming at its finest, and Sony made it possible for viewers to record all of it with the SL-6300, the first Beta system VCR.

    This video recorder used […] Read More

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  5. img_g_type Flashback Friday: 1950, G-type Tape Recorder by Gina 12/10/2010

    1950. Credit cards were introduced to US shoppers, milk was delivered to doorsteps, and shoe laces were getting tied for the great space race. To record all this squeaky clean fun was the G-type recorder.

    A company named Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation (predecessor to the Sony brand) launched what was deemed the “first tape recorder” in Japan. Now at the […] Read More

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  6. ea9cf2ba57bc2df0f36cf8e2398e86a0 Flashback Friday: TPS-L2 Walkman (1979) by Gina 08/06/2010

    1979: Jupiter’s rings were proudly displayed in images, trekkies finally got to see their world come to the big screen and the very first walkman, the TPS-L2 stepped out makings its mark on history.

    Prior to the TPS-L2, audiophiles had the limited option of enjoying music through either a stereo system or in the car. In order to develop the walkman, […] Read More

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  7. Sony_Mavica_FD5_4040 Flashback Friday:Sony MAVICA Digital Camera (1981) by Gina 05/14/2010

    1981: More than 700 million people watched a wedding, people traded radio for watching music videos on TV and the first space shuttle took flight. To keep up with this new generation of technology and pop culture, you could snag a Sony MAVICA camera, the first still video camera.

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  8. p047i2 Flashback Friday: Sony TC-66 Portable Cassette Recorder by Gina 01/22/2010

    1971: You could invest your paycheck into the newly invented NASDAQ, finally vote at age 18 and record the audio details of your Saturday night parties with the Sony TC-66 Portable Cassette-Corder. With a built-in microphone and option of plug-in or battery power, this portable puppy was all you needed to document your day (or document and decide to erase…I […] Read More

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  9. 240px-DCUSA.Gallery10.TargetBlackFriday.Wikipedia Flashback Friday: The Story of Black Friday by Gina 11/27/2009

    November 25th, 1966. You could buy a pen set for about $12, for the first time disposable diapers were purchased to fill stockings, and if you happened to live in Philadelphia, you just might have heard a funny phrase called “Black Friday” in reference to the electric first day of the holiday shopping season.

    More than 40 years later we’ve […] Read More

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  10. 8ido18000007kyr2 Flashback Friday: Soni-Tape by Gina 11/06/2009

    1950. Babies were booming, Saturday morning programming for kids started (long live cartoons) and a first class stamp was about 3 cents. What you may not have known was 1950 also marked Japan’s first magnetic recording tape dubbed “Soni-Tape”. To battle the problems of a wire recorder (such as difficulty repairing, heat deterioration and limited recording length), this new paper-based technology […] Read More

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