Tag: Earth Month

  1. earthwalkmanbanner An eco-friendly approach to making Sony gadgets by Jessica Geiszler 04/30/2013

    To wrap up Earth Month, we wanted to share one of the ways we’re integrating sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials into our gadgets. The key ingredient?


    Sony is a pioneer in the development of plastics made from vegetable-based materials. In fact, we led the electronics industry in the use of vegetable-based plastics to manufacture product cases.

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  2. earthdaybanner In honor of Earth Month: A look at the world’s rich diversity [VIDEO] by Sony 04/26/2013

    Living in a city, far from forests and beaches?  Not a problem.

    We invite you to join us in celebrating Earth Month with this video clip, shot in biodiversity hot spots such as Colombia, Madagascar, and South Pacific, using Sony gear and cameras. Watch:

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