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  1. Join Sony/AFI at an exclusive 4K event on Monday, April 7th in Las Vegas! Join Sony/AFI at an exclusive 4K event on Monday, April 7th in Las Vegas! by Jason 03/28/2014

    Sony Electronics in association with AFI and Rough & Tumble Films cordially invite you to join us in the CineAlta® Lounge for the premier series of 4K shorts produced by Sony and the AFI. Stephen Lighthill, A.S.C. will host a panel discussion with the projects’ Directors and DPs. Sony will also present the hottest new developments in its line […] Read More

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  2. CineAlta-Premier-issue CineAlta Magazine Premiere Issue by Sony Pro Team 01/27/2014

    We are pleased to announce our new periodical, CineAlta Magazine. Going behind the scenes with our digital motion picture cameras, including the FS700, F5, F55, and F65.

    CineAlta Magazine is focused on real stories with real people behind the cameras, and those in post-production handling the workflow.

    Spanning Documentary, Episodic Television, Feature Film, Sports and much more, there is no […] Read More

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  3. Gavin framing up a shot on the salt lakes in the Simpson Desert. Traveling with the Sony F55 by Jason 08/13/2013

    Guest post by Gavin Rawlings

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel all around Australia with my Sony F55 since I purchased it in February 2013. The nature of my work means that I travel to some of this country’s most remote regions. This has given me the opportunity to really test the F55 by exposing it to extremely harsh conditions, […] Read More

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  4. "Directing Fellow Jan" Photographer - Ryan Muirhead Sony F55 at 2013 Sundance Institute Directors Lab: Blog Series Week 2 by Sony Pro Team 06/21/2013

    Production (Camera) Blog 6
    By: Bryce Maschino – Camera Assistant

    It is coming to the end of week three at the Sundance Institute Directors Lab and we have discovered many tips that make our setups easier: we need less lighting, less batteries, less downtime between camera setups. We can focus more on helping our Directing Fellows achieve their goals. […] Read More

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  5. F55 On set during exercise scene, aka Osso Buco Sony F55 at 2013 Sundance Institute Directors Lab: Blog Series Week 1 by Sony Pro Team 06/07/2013

    Production Introduction Blog 1
    By: Antonio “T.J.” Doctor – Production Supervisor

    The Sundance Institute Directors Lab is a learning and discovery experience for emerging directors. The filmmaking tools and production process used at the Directors Lab have a direct impact on the creative decisions made during the entire production process of making a feature film. Each year, eight directors […] Read More

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  6. Claudio Miranda, ASC with Sony F65 camera, Fujinon Premier 24 - 180 Zoom, Chapman G3 Head. Photo credit: David James/Universal Pictures Cinematographer Claudio Miranda, ASC and DIT Alex Carr to Discuss “Oblivion” at NAB by Sony Pro Team 03/27/2013

    Universal Pictures, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise, is the first of a slate of big-budget feature films to be shot with Sony’s F65. Academy Award winner Claudio Miranda, ASC, and accomplished Digital Imaging Technician Alex Carr will discuss their experiences at this year’s NAB Show as a part of the “Creative Master Series”.

    Come and attend this panel discussion to and […] Read More

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  7. Mahout Behind the Scenes “Mahout” Behind the Scenes by Jason 01/25/2013

    When Sony asked Sam Nicholson, ASC, and Stargate Studios to test the new F55, they produced a short film called “Mahout”. The short film centers around an orphan girl, who stumbles upon a baby elephant with an abusive owner, and helps the elephant escape to the wild. The film premiered at the F55 launch event at the Sony Pictures Lot […] Read More

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  8. "The Contract" A New Production Shot on the Sony F5: “The Contract” by Jason 01/21/2013

    A new production titled “The Contract”, courtesy of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, was shot on the Sony F5. After you watch the footage, read Cinematographer Rob Kositchek’s production notes and Director Rodney Allen Hooks’ comments posted on our community forum. We’d love to hear what you think too, so please feel free to join the conversation!

    The […] Read More

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