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  1. davidmclain What’s in my Camera Bag: David McLain by Kathleen 11/13/2013

    Continuing our “What’s in my Camera Bag” series, here is a peek at what’s in Sony Artisan David McLain’s:

    See below for the rundown, in David’s words:

    Pelican case

    2 Sony a99‘s

    a headlamp b/c you always seem to need one when you get up before sunrise and go to bed late

    International outlet converter b/c the one thing […] Read More

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  2. jeff b bag What’s in my Camera Bag: Sony Artisan Jeff Berlin by Jeff Berlin 10/01/2013

    “What’s in my Camera Bag” is a blog series in which Sony Artisans of Imagery provide a closeup look of the photography equipment they use regularly. We’re kicking it off with celebrity and fashion photographer Jeff Berlin.  

    Since this photo features much of the camera and supporting equipment I recently took with me to shoot an indie feature film, […] Read More

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