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  1. Translucent Mirror Technology vs. Mirror Technology: Andy Katz weighs in by Kathleen 12/05/2012

    If you’ve ever seen Sony Artisan Andy Katz’s photography, it’s obvious that the man knows his stuff. So we were pretty stoked when Andy agreed to sit down with us and answer photography questions from our digital community. In this short video, he discusses the pros of Translucent Mirror Technology featured in Sony Alpha cameras. […]

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  2. Professional photographer Andy Katz shares travels, experiences with Sony a900 by Kathleen 04/24/2012

    Traveling the world and documenting it all through photos … now that has gotta be the good life and one that most people only dream about. Well, it’s a reality and full-time job for professional photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Andy Katz. As an Artisan, Andy shares his expertise with Sony customers through photography […]

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