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Sony Announces Collaboration with Interactive Frontiers’ V1 Golf App, Adding New Experience for Action Cam Users

by Communications 01/07/2013, in Digital Cameras

Wi-Fi® Enabled Action Cam Models Coupled with Innovative Sports App on Display at CES 

WHO: Sony Electronics

WHAT: Sony is joining forces with Interactive Frontier, Inc. and V1 Sports, a Google Play Top Developer, to pair its Wi-fi-enabled Action Cam with the V1 golf app for a total golfing solution. Sony’s Action Cam is capable of capturing 1280 x 720 at 120fps to realize super fluid slow motion capture, making it easy to study and refine swing form and technique. And with the Action Cam’s Wi-Fi support, videos in 120 fps HD can be transmitted to the V1 Golf app on your smartphone or tablet. Action Cam will be directly integrated into the V1 app via a 1:1 private Wi-Fi connection between the camera and the phone so there’s no intermediate step required in order to transfer video from the camera to the V1 app.

The Action Cam from Sony and the V1 golf app allows for easy recording and analyzing of swings, allowing golfers to hone their skills and improve their game with these two complimentary tools. To create the perfect golf swing, Action Cam users simply need to record their swing at the driving range or in their backyard and then use the V1 app to analyze all the elements of their swing. In just a few simple steps – 1) Install & Launch V1 Golf for Android, 2) Capture your swing with the Action Cam, 3) Transfer the videos wirelessly to your tablet or smartphone, and 4) Analyze your swing with V1 Golf – the average golf enthusiast can become their own instructor, correct swing flaws and shave strokes off their game.

For an additional cost, users can upload their content at and use V1 Home to have their golf swing videos reviewed and analyzed by a certified golf instructor of their choice.

WHERE:  Both the Wifi Action Cam, HDR-AS15, and V1 Golf Swing Analysis App for Android Phones and Tablets are available now and will be on display at CES (Sony Booth #14200) in Las Vegas, Nevada January 8-11 as well as theSony Open in Honolulu, Hawaii January 7-13.

ABOUT:  Sony’s HDR-AS15 is available for $269.99 at, Sony retail stores and other authorized retailers nationwide. Visit for a video first look and follow #ActionCam on Twitter for the latest Action Cam news.

The V1 Golf App for Android is free, however, the V1 Golf Premium Unlocker App is available for $4.99 and includes the ability to compare two videos side by side as well as an unlimited number of model video downloads. Visit for more information.

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