Notes From the Field

  1. Italy Museum Particles installation 2 small Discovering particles with Sony laser projectors by Sony Pro Team 10/13/2016

    Sony is the technical partner of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan for the permanent exhibition, “Extreme. In search of particles”.

    The stunning quality of Sony´s 3LCD BrightEra VPL-FHZ57 laser projectors is being demonstrated in interactive multimedia installations, offering visitors a visually immersive and engaging experience to unlock some of the […] Read More

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  2. LeCastelletBanner-Final Circuit Paul Ricard stays ahead with Sony AV solutions by Sony Pro Team 10/03/2016

    Legendary motorsport venue Circuit Paul Ricard has updated its entire video infrastructure with the help of Sony. Sony provided all video security cameras, laser projectors and BRAVIA Professional Displays to enhance race-day enjoyment, safety and security.

    Updating an icon in French motorsport history

    The celebrated Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet, near Marseille, has been delivering thrilling experiences to […] Read More

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  3. Quadrocopter FS7-AltaDrone small Adventures of the PXW-FS7 on a Drone by Sony Pro Team 09/13/2016

    Interview with Aerial Videographer/Photographer for Quadrocopter & Gravity Shots

    Adele Scholl is an Aerial Videographer/Photographer for Quadrocopter & Gravity Shots, two companies that make the impossible shots, possible. Adele uses the PXW-FS7 to capture stunning drone footage across the United States. We conducted a Q and A to learn more about her experience with Sony’s cameras:

    How did […] Read More

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  4. IMG_2849 small Lake Pointe Church Finds a Faithful Companion in Sony’s 4K Cameras by Sony Pro Team 08/29/2016

    Lake Pointe Church serves a diverse group of congregants through in-person, live streaming and on-demand worship services. With locations in Dallas, Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas, the multi-campus church is a cornerstone of the state’s faith-based community, and their message extends worldwide reaching nearly 3,000 people online.

    Chip Acker, Video Director at Lake Pointe Church, noted that since his organization […] Read More

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  5. smDSC06489 Dallas City Hall Opens Access with Sony Robotic HD Cameras by Sony Pro Team 08/24/2016

     BRC-H900 & BRC-H700 PTZ HD Cameras enable model for Transparent Government

    Once, the standard for media outreach to provide transparency in government consisted of publishing the schedule for public meetings. Then, the arrival of public access television opened new avenues with camera operators videotaping the most important sessions played over cable TV. Now, the City of Dallas is […] Read More

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  6. Rob and FS5 small Blown Away by Sony’s FS5 by Sony Pro Team 08/16/2016

    By Rob Scribner

    Owner, Sky Tower Films


    As a DP specializing in documentaries, Rob Scribner knows that finding the right balance between capability and portability is crucial. He’s shot with Sony’s FS100 and now counts the FS7 as his primary camera, so he has experience with Sony’s compact large sensor cameras. Now the new FS5 […] Read More

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  7. Production image Director Lauren Vance in the Picture Show Telling the ‘Story within the Story’ with Sony’s FS7 by Sony Pro Team 08/08/2016

    By Lauren Vance

    Director, Producer, Filmmaker


    I grew up in a place where people waited all summer for the arrival of the annual fair. From the moment I saw the trailers lined up and people unloading the amusement rides at our county’s fairgrounds I would start to countdown the days when I could walk through […] Read More

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  8. The weather kept the Sony cameras covered, but like the show, they went on. Country in the City: Garth Brooks Goes 4K at Yankee Stadium with Sony and AMV by Sony Pro Team 08/04/2016

    Garth Brooks’ production teams are used to putting on live extravaganzas above and beyond their normal roadshow — which is already one of the best in the business.

    That was the case for two nights in July 2016 at Yankee Stadium in New York City, where the team was tasked with creating a once in a lifetime concert experience for […] Read More

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  9. vplgtz270_others_150929_07-Large Sony 4K Laser Projectors at Houston Museum of Natural Science by Sony Pro Team 08/02/2016

    The Burke-Baker Planetarium, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, is a world-renowned facility emphasizing education as much as entertainment.  They needed a new projection technology to keep up with their non-stop schedule of visitors and school groups, making guests feel like they’re actually on a spaceship or inside the human body. They now have 10 Sony VPL-GTZ280 4K laser […] Read More

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  10. DSC02730 SMALL Capturing Speed and Agility on the FS7 by Sony Pro Team 07/28/2016

    Q and A with Jonny Mass and Edward Khoma of Abandon Visuals

    Jonny Mass and Edward Khoma are Action Sports Videographers and the co-founders of Abandon Visuals, a production house specializing in film, TV, and commercial content. We caught up with the duo to ask them about using Sony’s cameras for their high-octane videos chronicling […] Read More

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