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  1. YTthumbnail Unboxing The New Ultra Slim X900C Sony TV (4K Ultra HD) by Gina 07/17/2015

    It’s one thing to unbox a TV. It’s another thing to unbox a TV that’s less than a quarter inch thick. Join the SGNL by Sony Team with special host Patrick Norton as we unbox Sony’s new 55”class (54.6” diagonal) Ultra Slim 4KTV just in time to hit doorsteps. It’s the first TV unboxed! Viewers will get a close […] Read More

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  2. lens_YT Picking the Right Lens for Your Photography: Lens Buyer’s Guide by Gina 06/23/2015

    Once you’ve bought a camera that lets you swap lenses, you have to pick one! It’s pretty easy if you’re a professional photographer or serious photo enthusiast but for others who’ve never shopped for a lens before, don’t panic. The SGNL by Sony team teamed up with tech guru Patrick Norton to help you make a great choice for a […] Read More

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  3. FlashFriday_Instagram Flashback Friday: 1989 Sony MDR-R10 by Gina 06/04/2015

    1989: A new president was in office, you could craft a Whopper out of Play-Doh, and a very lucky 2,000 received their limited edition MDR-10 headphones. At $2,500 a pair, it hit a world record for the most expensive headphones offered with the previous record holder having a price tag of $1,000 less. These headphones were designed for the ultimate […] Read More

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  4. walkmansport_IG Flashback Friday: 1983 WM-F5 Sport Walkman by Gina 05/22/2015

    It was 1983. Swatch watch was the time telling fashion, families bid farewell to the TV series M.A.S.H. and leg warmers were there to keep you warm in the winter months. For all the maniacs who wanted to Flashdance the night away, even after getting drenched in a bucket of water, the WM-F5 Sports Walkman was the player of choice. […] Read More

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  5. android Unboxing Sony’s Newest 65” 4K Ultra HD TV with Android TV by Gina 05/18/2015

    We’ve all seen unboxing videos before but rarely this techie. Join us as we watch the SGNL by Sony team take on Sony’s new 64.5″ (diag) X850C Android TV (4K Ultra HD) just in time for the model hitting store shelves across the country. It took two people to completely set it up. From two remotes, the many ports, and […] Read More

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  6. MyFirstSony_Twitter Flashback Friday: 1987 My First Sony by Gina 05/14/2015

    It was 1987. The Simpsons debuted and bangle watches were all the rave. At the time besides owning a talking ALF doll, children’s exposure to electronic gadgets were relatively unlimited. My First Sony launched with the hope that children’s first experience with electronics could be engaging enough to speak a long lasting interest in science and technology. The Sony […] Read More

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  7. tennis_sensor Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor Hit Store Shelves by Gina 05/14/2015

    Today, tennis fans in the US can now take advantage of recent innovations in smart, mobile technologies to optimize their tennis game and share their performance results.  Players can purchase the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W) through , and select Wilson tennis dealers.

    Sony partnered with top tennis manufacturer Wilson, as well as HEAD, Prince and YONEX […] Read More

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  8. _DSC0186 v3 Your CES 2015 Questions Answered by Gina 01/14/2015

    Last week Sony debuted a variety of new gadgets at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. From new 4KTVs so new audio gear. Lots of details were shared and there’s a ton of great images on places like Instagram. But we know there’s still a lot of questions out there.  Well the team at SGNL by Sony snagged many of the […] Read More

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  9. TV 1 CES 2015: From the Show Floor by Gina 01/05/2015

    The SGNL crew captured the latest products from the Sony Booth at CES 2015.

     New 4K ActionCam FDR-X1000V

    New 4K Handycam FDR-AX33

    New Hi Res Walkman – NW-ZX2

    Sony’s New SLIM 4KTV – Only .2 inches

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  10. Blog_image3 How Geometry Informs Sony’s Television Design by Gina 10/17/2014

    Geometry. Guessing some people who read that word get the feeling of comfort & confidence. Others probably are beyond grateful for software programs. For Sony, geometry plays an important role in the design of our televisions as we believe the look should be just as important as the technology inside.

    Tako, chief art director for BRAVIA, sums it up: “As […] Read More

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