by Sony Pro Team 04/23/2017, in Cameras, Press, Sony Professional, NAB, Production


New XAVC Recording Mode Optimizes Encoding for Live HDR Production

Las Vegas, April 23, 2017 – From products, to workflow and format, Sony offers users end-to-end HDR production capabilities from acquisition to display, for cinema, live production, online video and event production, meeting the industry’s growing demand for a wider color gamut and increased dynamic range that creates more realistic viewing experiences with enhanced levels of detail.


As previously announced, Sony’s expansion of HDR production includes the addition of HD-HDR Live and Instant HDR workflows.


As HDR continues to be adopted, Sony’s 4K/HD live cameras with HDR capability, including HDC-4800, HDC-4300 and HDC-P43, are commonly used by broadcasters world-wide.  To further enhance Live HDR production, Sony added new XAVC recording mode to optimize encoding for HDR into its 4K/HD live server, PWS-4500 through an upcoming software upgrade.


This new recording mode improved HDR image quality in XAVC with detailed complexity, bright skin tones, color reproduction and more.  It allows the PWS-4500 to record and replay of a video with superior HDR images, while at the same time of maintaining the smooth XAVC file workflow that is already well positioned in the production industry.


Furthermore, Sony offers RAW and X-OCN recording formats.  RAW is recommended for premium productions and high-end cinema, where large volumes of data can be managed and supported.


X-OCN (eXtended Tonal Range Original Camera Negative) is an optimized video format with a fine balance between the picture quality and data size.  It can be recorded using Sony’s AXS-R7 portable memory recorder together with PMW-F55 and F5 motion picture cameras.  The X-OCN retains everything the sensor sees, delivering tonal gradation with 16-bit precision, ideal for HDR image grading.  To promote wider use of X-OCN, Sony is working with other companies to develop X-OCN supporting products.


The X-OCN supporting companies rise to 10 as of April, 2017;

ASSIMILATE, Inc., Autodesk, Avid Technology, Inc., Blackmagic Design, Colorfront, Filmlight Ltd., Grass Valley, nablet, Pomfort and SGO.


Sony offers system, workflow and choices of recording formats that deliver unprecedented flexibility in every HDR production to bring added-value to broadcasters.