Sony announces new technical capabilities and interoperability achievements as broadcast momentum for IP Live continues to grow

by Sony Pro Team 04/23/2017, in Press, Sony Professional, NAB

Sony is ‘ready today, open for tomorrow’ for IP Live at NAB 2017

Las Vegas, April 23, 2017 – Sony is introducing a series of new IP Live functions, interoperability milestones and customer success stories on the first day of NAB 2017. Broadcasters around the world are increasingly embracing IP for its proven ability to deliver quality live 4K video, audio, synchronization signals and control data through a single network cable. At NAB, taking place in Las Vegas from today until April 27th, Sony is joining with customers, partners and competitors alike to demonstrate how its IP Live solution is truly ‘ready today, open for tomorrow’.


Throughout NAB Sony is appearing in the “IP Showcase” booth, hosted jointly by AES, AIMS, AMWA, EBU, IABM, MNA, SMPTE and VSF, and located in the North Hall. Visitors to the booth will be able to discuss details of the successful interoperability tests Sony has undertaken alongside leading vendors such as Grass Valley, Snell Advanced Media, and Evertz. Sony is also committing its intention to develop capabilities for complying with new technologies such as SMPTE ST2110*, which governs Media transport over IP, and NMOS (IS-04), which ensures device discovery and registration. Sony is committed to providing SMPTE ST2110 compliance in the near future. Attendees will also be able to view a SMPTE ST2110 based system camera prototype at the IP showcase booth at the show.

*ST2110 is currently a draft; pending to under development to be a standard by SMPTE.


Sony is also announcing several new capabilities within its IP Live Production System which further expand the entire IP-based ecosystem:


  • New functionality has also been added to the IP Live System Manager capable of integrating with an Ember+ protocol based system such as VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) from LAWO, one of the industry’s leading control and monitoring systems, giving broadcasters greater flexibility to configure the IP system how they want it.


  • The new version 2.3 of Sony’s XVS-8000 multi-format production switcher introduces resource sharing capabilities as standard. This means that one processor can run dual switcher functions, enabling 4K/HD simultaneous production, for example.


  • The new NXLK-IP45F AV Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Board, available later this month, adds the ability to multiplex and de-multiplex video and audio over IP signals, ensuring both systems can be managed across the IP network.

  • The new NXL-IP4F SDI-IP Converter Unit, also available later this month, makes it easy to integrate any 4K or HD standalone source or destination with an IP-based production system.


Live broadcasters of all sizes are implementing Live Production over IP to enjoy increased efficiency, reliability and scalability, with reduced system costs. At NAB Sony is sharing details of how it is delivering 4K over IP for a range of customers including:


  • BBC Studioworks (UK): Sony is delivering 4K over IP in the BBC’s refurbished Television Centre studios in London
  • TV Globo (Brazil): broadcasted live “Carnival in Rio” with Sony 4K IP OB truck. 4K HDR and HD SDR simultaneous production was successfully operated  by  “SR Live for HDR” solution
  • Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation (Japan): 4K IP routing system is at work to transmit and monitor 4K videos for broadcast in IP
  • China Central Television (CCTV)(China): Sony will deliver all core components of an IP live system to CCTV’s first 4K IP OB truck in June, 2017 for its technological research and to gain experience with UHD TV production.
  • Zhejiang Radio & TV Group (China): has selected Sony to build a 4K IP OB truck for live broadcast in 4K and HDR.
  • China Digital Culture Group(China): has purchased a Sony 4K IP OB Truck that will hit the road in August 2017 for live theatrical plays and entertainment event broadcast.
  • 4K Garden (China): the major 4K content services platform has purchased a 4K IP OB Truck from Sony to deliver exciting live content in 4K. The truck will be ready before August 2017.


Visitors to Sony’s booth, C11001 will be able to witness an operational IP-enabled remote production setup first, hand, networked with a Broadcast Data Center. The demonstration system connects a remote live production team at Sony Pictures’ studio in Los Angeles with the team in Las Vegas, highlighting the way that IP Live can connect control rooms within broadcast facilities to live event venues hundreds of miles away, without compromising on latency, switching or reliability.


“The past year since NAB 2016 has been hallmarked by three things: cooperation and open innovation between vendors across the Live over IP; an industry-wide push to undertake training and adopt skills readiness for IP; and the commitment of major broadcasters to invest in IP as they look to the next generation of live content experiences,” says Deon LeCointe, Senior Manager, Sports and IP Solutions at Sony Professional Solutions Americas. “We’re proud to be an active party within a number of standards bodies all working to ensure a range of compatible cameras, switchers, servers, computer graphics, display devices and backbones are ready for broadcasters today as they invest in the open, innovative production facilities of tomorrow.”


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