Sony and SKY Perfect JSAT Jointly Demonstrated Live Simultaneous 4K-HDR and HD-SDR Broadcast

by Sony Pro Team 11/22/2016, in 4K, Press, Sony Professional

Sony and SKY Perfect JSAT jointly demonstrated a live simultaneous 4K-HDR and HD-SDR broadcast at Inter BEE 2016 at Makuhari Messe, near Tokyo.


SKY Perfect JSAT’s Tokyo Media Center (in Tōyōchō, Kōtō district) produced and broadcasted in both 4K-HDR (3826×2160) and HDR-SDR (1920×1080). TV sets at the Sony booth presented both 4K and HD versions; the 4K broadcast via JSAT’s satellites and presented on a BRAVIA TV, while the HD was transmitted via the Internet.


The demonstration showcased the capability of Sony’s “SR Live for HDR,” a cutting-edge solution for achieving efficient 4K-HDR production and developing effective workflows to support the advancement of 4K broadcasts.


To date, broadcasters interested in 4K-HDR production have faced the need to configure a separate production system for each 4K-HDR and HD-SDR—a cumbersome approach requiring large-scale setups. The “SR Live for HDR” solution integrates the two systems, enabling efficient workflows and streamlined configurations.


The solution employs the HDRC-4000 HDR production converter unit to enable use of the Sony’s recommended 4K-HDR S-Log3/BT.2020 format, supporting a system that delivers broadcast EOTF conversion with no loss of live image quality.


SKY Perfect JSAT began broadcasting 4K-HDR in October, and is moving ahead with plans to advance into live broadcasting of sports and other events with support from Sony.