Sony’s Media Backbone NavigatorX Delivers Simple and Scalable Asset Management and Workflow Orchestration

by Sony Pro Team 09/09/2016, in Press, Sony Professional, Production

Users Can Manage Assets in a Range of Formats, With Flexible Feature Options for Production, Archiving and Workflow Automation

Park Ridge, N.J., Sept. 9, 2016 – Sony’s new Media Backbone NavigatorX delivers easier, quicker and more efficient asset and workflow management. Designed to suit multiple modern workflow environments, it will allow users to manage content assets in a range of formats, with flexible options for production, archiving and workflow automation.


Media Backbone NavigatorX features a simple User Interface (UI) design for intuitive operation, and includes an HTML-based web application compatible with multiple browsers.


Its internal transcode engine supports a wide range of SD, HD and 4K video formats, including XDCAM HD422, XAVC and other industry leading codecs. Media Backbone NavigatorX, accelerates users’ overall media workflow by making it easier to identify the correct asset in question, displaying subtitles, reading PDF files and checking still images — all within a single UI.


The advanced archive management application fully integrates with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive for archiving, retrieval and partial retrieval, providing asset status and tracking of Optical Disc Archive cartridges, even on shelves.


“Our customers have asked for more than just cost effective, intuitive asset management but also a workflow management solution delivering greater efficiency and complementing our Optical Disc Archive system,” said Steve Owada, director, strategic business development, Sony’s Professional Solutions of America. “Media Backbone NavigatorX is designed to deliver exactly what professionals need: a wide ranging future-proofed solution that can easily integrate into existing and future workflows.”


Media Backbone NavigatorX also helps customers overcome regular repetitive tasks. The workflow automation tool in Media Backbone NavigatorX enables users to set up a workflow with a series of simple drag-and-drop operations in a matter of hours.


Media Backbone NavigatorX integrates with various processes and associated technologies across the media production workflow. Its compatibility with industry-standard non-linear editing tools saves time for users by providing a single central point for teams to work and edit. Further time saving features include a powerful metadata search function that incorporates Boolean search queries and smart search capabilities to run previously saved queries.


Media Backbone NavigatorX is scheduled to be available in October 2016.