Sony introduces new IP Based solutions and further enhances its commitment to interoperability

by Sony Pro Team 09/09/2016, in Press, Sony Professional, Production

IP_Live_Prd_logo_LWorking with all major industry alliances, Sony continues to develop a unified interoperable IP workflow that is ready today, and open for tomorrow 

Park Ridge, N.J., September 9, 2016: At IBC, Sony demonstrates further achievements in interoperability as well as unveiling six new IP Live based solutions. A core part of Sony’s strategy is its commitment to deliver fully interoperable solutions & systems that are ready to implement today, using current available standards while remaining open to upcoming future standards. Sony has played a strong role in the industry since 2012, starting from the Joint Taskforce for Networked Media (JT-NM), later joining the ASPEN and AIMS alliance groups, and more recently the AMWA NMI incubator project, driving the development of the Networked Media Interface framework.


At IBC 2016, Sony will demonstrate such progress as part of the IP Interoperability Zone held by AIMS, AMWA, EBU, SMPTE and VSF. Visitors will get the opportunity to see Sony’s interoperability based on existing open standards SMPTE ST2022-6 and SMPTE ST2059 and future new open standards TR-03 (SMPTE ST2110) and NMOS (IS-04).


“Sony continues to demonstrate its role as a technology leader in the industry through our work both with industry standard bodies and industry manufacturer alliances, to deliver unified interoperability,” said Hugo Gaggioni, CTO for Sony Professional Solutions Americas. “At this year’s IBC we’re showcasing not only technical demonstrations but a complete end to end workflow of 4K/HDR Live Production over IP, Remote Production and Data Center Architecture, all of which are interoperable with our Alliance Partners and ready today thanks to the Networked Media Interface (NMI). We are looking forward to not only working with our customers but also helping them on their journey to a more efficient live production workflow.”


Sony’s persistent advances support of open protocols is what cements Sony’s place as a technology innovator and leader in interoperability. Following the JT-NM Reference Architecture & EBU’s 7 layers for interoperability recommendations, the Networked Media Interface (NMI) comprises and covers all these requirements: Media Transport, Timing, Identity, Discovery and Registration, Flow control, Flow switching, and Compression. Sony has disclosed technical specification of related NMI technology components to the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) as a Registered Disclosure Document (RDD): Essence Independent Mapping (RDD40), LLVC (RDD34) & NDCP (RDD38). Working together to lead the industry towards interoperability, the expansion of the IP Live Alliance includes the addition of four new members:  Asaca Corporation, ASTRODESIGN, Inc.,  Lambda Systems Inc. and Studer by Harman.


“The IP live Alliance is more than a technology alliance group,” continues Gaggioni. “It is the assurance that all manufacturers can access a complete framework of technologies to implement in their different systems, ensuring interoperability amongst them, rather than just accessing in part.  Sony believes this will approach will avoid the MXF situation where different implementations of the open standard resulted in industry wide interoperability issues. We must learn from that.”


At IBC 2016, Sony introduces six new solutions to complete its IP Live Production System offering:


NXLK-IP45F: AV Multiplexer/DeMultiplexer board

Sony’s new processing board enables to multiplex and de-multiplex video and audio over IP signals, with an SDI signal output that includes embedded audio. The board can undertake high quality 4K video and supports major audio over IP formats, including: Dante and AES67. Traditional SDI to IP conversion is also possible with this solution.


NXL-IP4F: SDI-IP Converter Unit

Sony’s new SDI/IP Converter Unit is ideal for any 4K/HD standalone source or destination to integrate with an IP-based Production System. The NXL-IP4F provides a simple conversion for legacy SDI equipment, inheriting the benefits of Sony’s Networked Media Interface (NMI) technology.


HKCU-IP43F: NMI board for HDCU-4300

Sony’s new Networked Media Interface (NMI) board for Sony’s HDCU-4300 camera control system enables easy connection to the IP Live System network. The HDCU system is easy to install in small OB trucks and is compact at only 2U in height.


XKS-Q8111 and XKS-Q8166: NMI supported QSFP+ I/O board for XVS Series

Sony’s new Networked Media Interface (NMI) QSFP+ I/O boards (input or output) for XVS switchers allow the direct connection to the core switch of an IP Live System network using 40Gbps fiber link. The XKS-Q8111 board is for input and XKS-Q8166 board is for output.


PWA-MV1N: Multiviewer Software

Sony’s new software based IP Multiviewer solution enables a very efficient monitoring solution into an IP Live Production Infrastructure, reducing drastically the video matrix resources used for monitoring. Supporting up to 32x IP based video Streams, its flexible layout design can also display Graphics, Tally signals, UMD clock and timers into HD or 4K display outputs.


These solutions enhance Sony’s existing IP live production offering, featuring a range of 4K/HDR over IP solutions such as the HDC-4300 with BPU-4500 4K/HD/HFR Live System camera, the XVS series 4K/IP Live switchers, the PWS-4500 4K/HD Production Server and the NXL-FR318 signal processing unit. Visitors to the stand at IBC this year will be able to see the latest IP Live Alliance Partners solutions using the Networked Media Interface from the following manufacturers: Advantech, AJA, BFE Studio und Medien Systeme, Cisco Systems, DELTACAST, Grass Valley (Belden), Huawei, Imagine Communications, Juniper Networks, Lawo, LEADER ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, Macnica Americas, Matrox Electronics Systems, Nextera Video, Tektronix, Inc., Vizrt and YAMAHA Corporation. Sony will host a specific Developers conference for IP live Alliance partners on Saturday, September 10th to showcase the latest tools available for implementing the Networked Media Interface and scheme for interoperability.IP_Live_Alliance IBC 16