Sony Professional Solutions Americas introduces Media Backbone Hive omni-media network production system

by Communications 04/17/2016, in Press, Sony Professional, NAB

A scalable, interoperable and flexible “on demand” system for the media broadcast industry

Las Vegas (NAB Show, Booth C11001), April 17, 2016: Sony Professional Solutions Americas’ Media Backbone Hive is an omni-media network production system, the successor to its well-known SONAPS news production system. Designed to meet the evolving production and operational needs of modern broadcast workflows, Hive provides end-to-end, camera-to-archive content and workflow management, delivering speed, easy integration, and production flexibility, designed to help news and sports production teams get their content where it needs to go, as fast as possible.

Hive is built on an internet technology foundation to enable a news “internet first” approach, breaking news to publish first on internet.

State-of-the-art, future-proofed and cost-effectiveMediaBackbone logo-Black

Media Backbone Hive is constructed around a Hyper Convergent Node platform offering state of the art security, resilience and scalability.

Hive takes into account the continuously growing needs of the broadcast industry from human resources to production processes. Hive’s unique architecture enables complex broadcast systems to be designed for the first time around a broadcaster’s current level of performance, while including scope for seamless future growth. Resource expansions, including storage, capacity, bandwidth and processing, can be added or subtracted at any time while the system is live. This means no investing in unnecessary assets and no down time.

These internet technologies deliver cost effective solutions allowing customers to deploy only what they need at that point in time, secure in the knowledge that they can easily scale for the planned and the unexpected.

Hive also offers broadcasters the opportunity to reduce their total cost of ownership by providing a dynamic “on demand” investment model. This will allow media companies to expand their operations to cater for additional planned and unplanned events, meaning they can maximize the operational benefit of any investment made either on CAPEX or OPEX basis. Broadcasters can also be secure in knowing that Hive is the result of 10 years of proven and tested Sonaps workflows, created to deliver a future proofed return on investment.

Continuing Sony’s long established collaboration with software partner Sobey (Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd ) in networked production solutions, Media Backbone Hive streamlines news production, enabling optimized workflows through seamlessly integrating critical third party tools, delivering flexible file management and offering fast and easy-to-use embedded applications.

“Media Backbone Hive is a technology enabler for the broadcast industry. It uses internet technologies, like Hyper Convergent Nodes, to deliver efficient operations and the opportunity for a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership,” said Ali Etezadi-Amoli, Director of Product Marketing, Sony Electronics. “It is also built with the future in mind.  While our first releases are focused on news and sports applications, the core Hive platform already supports the integration of new toolsets and the development of new applications.”

Media Backbone Hive is planned to be available for release in September 2016. For more information please visit