Sony Camera Club Flickr Challenge Winners

by Sony Alpha Team 08/06/2014, in Digital Cameras, Photography

The Sony Camera Club is a community of creative photographers of all levels who showcase and share their amazing photographs taken on Sony cameras for feedback along with discussions on using their gear to the fullest.

Every month the Sony Camera Club hosts new photography challenges with a theme for the members to submit their best photos. The challenges are intended to provide creative inspiration for photo taking with challenges including themes such as Natural Framing and Rules of Composition. Open to all levels and skills, each photo shared showcases talent and creativity of the members. Check out the recent winning photos below.

If you are interested in entering next month’s challenge or joining the club, head over to the Sony Camera Club on Flickr.  All are welcome!


Challenge: Natural Framing
Photographers were asked to find a natural frame to photograph through.


Photo by Rick Bolin

  • Taken with a Sony A99V
  • Story: Shot during an afternoon hike up Beus Canyon, in Ogden, UT using a Minolta AF 100mm f/2.8 macro.




Framed Sunset by Charles Pérois

  • Taken with a Sony SLT Alpha 58 with a Sony DT 35mm f1.8 SAM
  • Story: I was taking some photos of the sunset that evening, then noticed those 2 trees and the water puddle. I thought that it could make a nice “symmetrical framed” picture of the sunset, and here it is.


Edge of the Meadow by Andy Bartlett

  • Taken with a  Sony A99 with SAL 28-75
  • Story: This wild flower meadow is a nature reserve managed by the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. I had arrived just before sunrise to take pictures of the various wild flowers, and I was immediately struck by how the hedge framed the entrance to the meadow and the footpath meandering across it.



Challenge: Breaking the Rules
“Rules” don’t always apply. Sometimes, the rules conflict, so you can’t necessarily follow all the rules, and sometimes you want to confuse or disorient the viewer, and sometimes you just want the viewer to look at the subject in a different way.



Mirror’s Edge by TRANIMAGING

  • Taken with a Sony A7
  • Story: I took my camera to work to document a site. On my way there I wanted to have fun with all the controls and layout of the camera to create some light-travel image in an underground tram.




Koi-san st. Namba, Osaka by Senor Sato

  • Taken with a Sony NEX-3
  • Story: Night is a proper time to explore Osaka-Namba area with camera. Many people, many generations and many illuminations.



Chilling by Patrick Burnham

  • Taken with a Sony Nex-5 18-55mm lens
  • Story: My soon to be mother-in-law and fiancé checking out the menu while we waited for a table the night before our wedding in Hawaii



dancing king

Dancing King! by Santanu Nandy

  • Taken with a  Sony 500f4 lens
  • Story: Peacocks do display dance during monsoon mating season to attract peahens. This is a mating ritual and usually the peahen chooses the peacock who can keep up the display the longest.






Challenge: Rules of Composition
Photographers used the Rules of Composition when capturing the image.

shih zhu

Shih Tzu in your face by TRANIMAGING

  • Taken with a Sony a7
  • Story: I was mainly a Nikon shooter who wanted something more portable, but still has the high IQ, and the A7 was a match. I was walking around lunch with my little camera that I carry around every day now and saw this Shih Tzu guarding a wig shop for its owner. It stood bravely for a few profile pics.



Simba by Magnus Åker

  • Taken with a Sony a77 with the Carl zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM
  • Story: Our kitten Simba found this hiding place while exploring the backyard of his new home


Curiosity by Iulian Gheorghita


  • Taken with a  Sony Nex F3 with a manual focus Minolta MD 135mm 2.8 from the old film days
  • Story: I just purchased the Minolta lens and decided to give it a try around town and while I was walking near this cemetery my attention was caught by these playful stray cats behind the fence, one of them had actually jumped down and the others were looking curiously at it. Snapped a few shots and kept two.


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