Action Cam Series Gets Live Streaming Capabilities with New Firmware Update

by Matt 06/24/2014, in Digital Cameras, Video Cameras

Last week, a series of firmware updates appeared for the Action Cam line up adding a variety of new functions including the ability to live stream video from the AS100V model cameras. Also included in the AS100V firmware is motion shot mode, burst shooting, and a self-timer.

Firmware updates also released for the AS30V giving the Sony Live View Remote (model RMT-VR1) the ability to control multiple AS30V cameras, improving the auto exposure and allowing Wi-Fi to operate without requiring a memory card to be installed. 

Here’s a formal summary of the firmware updates: Formal summary of firmware updates below:

  • Live Streaming Capabilities via Internet (AS100V only): The AS100V will have the ability to utilize U-Stream® for live steaming content via the internet. You can link your favorite social accounts with the streaming to notify your friends when you’re live streaming from camera.
  • Motion Shot Mode (AS100V only): The Motion Shot LE mode will be added to the AS100V to allow users to capture traces of a moving subject in one image so that it appears to be a continuous picture. Sample screen shots below:

Motion Shot LE on AS100V      


  • Burst Shooting and Self-Timer (AS100V only):  This new update enables burst still shooting up to 10fps as well as a self-timer with an option for a delay of either 2 seconds or 10 seconds.
  • Multi Camera Control, Wi-Fi, and Improved Auto Exposure (AS30V only):  Another update allows for the AS30V to have multi camera control (up to five cameras) via an optional Sony Live Remote Control RMT-LVR1.  Wi-Fi capabilities will now be available without a memory card inserted as well as significantly improved auto exposure.


The Action Cam firmware updates can be downloaded immediately from the following links:

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