Sony Wants You To Experience High-Resolution Audio at The Heart of Texas

by Maya 03/10/2014, in Portable Audio

Hiresaudioound is in Sony’s blood. Not only do we have a rich audio product legacy, we also MAKE the music you all love.  Simply, we know music and we love music. And that is why Sony has been championing High-Resolution Audio for a while now. We want our fellow music lovers to hear music in higher fidelity, a way they probably have never heard music before. Digital music revolutionized the industry and has allowed us all to conveniently carry thousands of songs with us in a small device, but all those tracks had to be compressed into smaller files in order to fit. It also means that an entire generation of music enthusiasts has never had the opportunity to experience the full fidelity that music can provide.

In contrast with conventional MP3 files, Hi-Res Audio delivers “master quality sound”, via a number of different digital formats. Hi-Res Audio enables music enthusiasts to experience their favorite recordings just as the artists, producers and engineers always intended. Both major and independent music labels provide a variety of compelling hi-res content to choose from – in practically every music genre.

A new generation of Hi-Res audio devices are available that are more compatible, convenient and cost-effective than ever before. Nearly 50 different companies offer a broad range of Hi-Res products that fit practically every lifestyle need, including receivers, converters, music servers, PC adaptors and portables.

Sony will be displaying a wide variety of Hi-Res Audio products in Austin this week, all of which are now in market or launching shortly. We invite you to demo all the products on display, all while enjoying the best live music Austin has to offer. You’ll have the opportunity to discover subtle details and artistic nuances in your favorite digital music that you have never heard before and you can download these titles from a number of different digital music stores.

The High-Resolution Audio experience is free to attend and open to the public. We will be held:

hires5March 12 – March 14

4 PM – 1 AM

at  The Market

319 Colorado Street (4th and Colorado)

If you are going to be in Austin, please stop by and discover the difference between hearing and listening.


For more information, please visit

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