New firmware for α7 and α7R users/owners

by Matt 03/19/2014, in Digital Cameras

fireware upgrade1


Great news for all you lucky α7 and α7R camera owners out there!  A new firmware update is now available for the impressive pair of full-frame cameras that improves start-up time and image quality, and adds compatibility with a new zoom lens and additional PlayMemories Camera Apps.  Details and links below:


For α7 and α7R users/owners, new firmware will:  

  • Enable faster start-up time
    • Start-up time has been improved in cases where the camera is switched on immediately after being turned off.
  • Image quality improvement
    • Color noise has been reduced in speed priority continuous shooting mode
    • In movie recording, reduced color artifacts at object edges in very bright scenes
  • Add compatibility with new SEL70200G full-frame FE lens
    • Lens will be fully compatible with AF systems on both the A7 and A7R models and “Focus Hold” button enabled
  • Play Memories Camera Apps
    • Adds “Live-view grading” and “Smooth Reflection” applications
    • Enables better AE tracking in “Timelapse” application (version 2.0 and later)

fireware upgrade2Links to download the firmware for α7 and α7R users:

  • α7 users Windows: LINK
  • α7 users Mac: LINK
  • α7R users Windows: LINK
  • α7R users Mac: LINK
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