CineAlta Magazine Premiere Issue

by Sony Pro Team 01/27/2014, in 4K, Sony Professional

We are pleased to announce our new periodical, CineAlta Magazine. Going behind the scenes with our digital motion picture cameras, including the FS700, F5, F55, and F65.

CineAlta Magazine is focused on real stories with real people behind the cameras, and those in post-production handling the workflow.

Spanning Documentary, Episodic Television, Feature Film, Sports and much more, there is no better way to explore the technology than reading about those using it in diverse and challenging environments.

Click the magazine above to go into “magazine mode” and use the arrow keys or mouse to change pages, zoom in, jump to stories of particular interest, etc

In the Premiere Issue we have the following feature stories:

The Blacklist
Renewed for another 22 episode season, it is the number one rated television show in its category, The Blacklist is being shot with F55’s in 4K. Read about the production, and the workflow

Launched in October 2012 and based in Los Angeles with over 3600 members, MyTeeVee is a collaborative network for entertainment professionals and aspiring professionals. MyTeeVee’s anthology web series “MATCH” sources the network’s talent for its producers, directors, writers, actors and crew. Shot on F65’s, this series will debut on the web. The filmmakers document their experiences.

The Big Bang Theory, and Mom
Two leading shows on television have made the switch to F55’s.

The Hunt
Documentary series by Silverback Films, being shot on F55’s in 4K. This segment details their underwater shooting

Le Ride
Shot on FS700’s, Action Cams and F55’s, a documentary based on what is considered the toughest sporting event on earth. Harry and his companions would have to race 150 miles a day for 22 days. 168 riders started the more than 3,500 mile race, and only 41 finished. This story also features in-depth workflow on how to edit XDCAM 50Mbps and 4K XAVC in a single production on Avid systems.

The Micheal J Fox Show
Another leading television show shot in 4K on F55’s

Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Centers – A global commitment to training and education
Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Centers, a global network spanning LA, India, China, and Europe

Grading Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown
Leading television series on CNN, Parts Unknown is shot on F5’s, F3’s, and FS700’s. This feature story explores the workflow.

Spike Lee’s new feature film, shot on F55’s

4K Live – The FIFA Confederations Cup case study

4K Live – The World Series

FS700 shooting 4K skateboarding

After Earth – F65 case study

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