What’s in my Camera Bag: David McLain

by Kathleen 11/13/2013, in Digital Cameras, Photography

Continuing our “What’s in my Camera Bag” series, here is a peek at what’s in Sony Artisan David McLain’s:


See below for the rundown, in David’s words:

Pelican case

2 Sony a99‘s

a headlamp b/c you always seem to need one when you get up before sunrise and go to bed late

International outlet converter b/c the one thing all photographers are anal about is charging their batteries

Variable ND filters so I can shoot video wide open

Zeiss 16-35mm 2.8  I’m not a big zoom guy but every now and again you need em

100 macro

70-400 I’m not a big zoom guy but every now and again you need em

Rocketstor 5212 Thunderboldt dual Sata drive bay.  Great way to back up lots of data fast.

Passport and cash

Zeiss 85mm 1.4

135mm STF

3T SATA drives for backup

NEX7 for when you need to be super stealth

Zeiss 135mm 1.8 Best portrait lens ever

Zeiss 24 2.0 my favorite piece of glass

35mm 1.4

Gepe SD card holders.  B/c they are waterproof

Tons of batteries because running out of power is not an option

Action Cam for when you need to get wet or have a crash cam

Gitzo Mountaineer and Arc Swiss head I have had forever and never go anywhere without

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