Sony at Engadget Expand 11/9-10

by Kathleen 11/07/2013, in Categories For Records

Hey tech fans! Are you coming out to Engadget Expand?

Update: If you weren’t able to make it to the event, you can check out the photos below and watch Phil Molyneux and Spike Lee on stage here:

We’ll be hanging out at the Javitz Center this weekend to show off the latest and greatest Sony devices.

Come find us at Booth #1 (look for the Sony signs, you won’t be able to miss it!) to play with our gear. You can get your hands on our best hardware as well as test out Sony software and content services.

If you haven’t checked out the QX lens-style cameras yet, this is your chance as there’ll be demos throughout the event. To further entice you, we’ve got plenty of 4K Televisions, VAIO® PCs, Hi Res Audio products, Xperia™ Tablets, and more for you to experience. You’ll even get a voucher for a free Music Unlimited service trial!

Additionally, Sony Electronics president and chief operating officer Phil Molyneux will be hitting the Engadget stage to chat about the world of 4K, including capture on both consumer and professional cameras, editing on VAIO PCs, and displaying on 4K televisions and projectors. As the cherry on top, he’ll be joined by  a special guest, Director/Producer Spike Lee, who’ll share how 4K has changed the way he makes films.

Hope to see y’all there.

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