In Flight Readers Rejoice! The FAA Approves In-Flight Electronics

by Amy Currier 11/01/2013, in READER

Welcome to Flight 867 to Heathrow. We’ll be taking off shortly. Please turn on your devices and get lost in a good book for our 6 hour and 50 minute flight ahead.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, travel readers, your time has come: No more overflowing personal items with paperbacks, or breaking your bank in an airport bookstore.

Reader Store, Sony’s home for eBooks, applauds the FAA for making life for readers a whole lot better with a ruling allowing airline passengers to enjoy their eBooks from gate to gate. The change is expected to take place by the end of the year. Reader Store customers will now have the option of enjoying uninterrupted reading of their eBooks for the entirety of their flight. “It is safe to read downloaded materials like e-books and calendars, and also to play games.” Michael Huerta, FAA administrator told reporters at Reagan National Airport.* (and for that, we applaud and thank you, Michael.)

In response to this new regulation, Reader Store has developed airplane read recommendations for page-turners you can devour in a trip. If a 12 hour journey is looming, just visit the Page Turners for Travelers collection at Reader Store—we’ll take it from there.

Visit to check out the new collection.

(Given unreliability of airport in in-flight Wi-Fi, we recommend you stock up now.)


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