Way of Life – Coming to a City Near You

by Jen 09/27/2013, in Video Cameras

Some seek the thrill of being flown to the top of the mountain and tearing down the slopes on a snowboard or skis. Me? Not so much. I’d rather sit back and leave it to the pros; just watching it already gives me a huge adrenaline rush! If you’re like me or you love to be in the action, here’s something you might want to check out.

Sony has partnered with Teton Gravity Research to bring the thrill-seeking experience to venues around the country through a film called “Way of Life”. Using Sony Action Cam to capture the athletes’ point of view, the film not only features the action going down the mountain, but the athletes’ journey from how they approach the peaks to the community around them. Words don’t do the film justice so check out the trailer to get a sneak peek of what the film is about. The film may be screening at a theater near you, so peep the schedule below.


Way Of Life Tour Schedule
Check out the film and the Action Cam by Sony at the stops below. View entire tour schedule here.

9/26/13 (Thursday): Boise, ID

9/27/13 (Friday): Salt Lake City, UT

9/28/13 (Saturday): Park City, UT

10/2/13 (Wednesday): Bend, OR

10/3/13 (Thursday):  Seattle, OR

10/4/13 (Friday): Portland, OR

10/8/13 (Tuesday): Vail, CO

10/9/13 (Wednesday): Fort Collins, CO

10/10/13 (Thursday): Denver, CO

10/11/13 (Friday): Boulder, CO

10/22/13 (Tuesday): San Francisco, CA

10/23/13 (Wednesday): Solana Beach, CA

10/24/13 (Thursday): Las Vegas, NV

10/25/13 (Friday): Los Angeles, CA

11/14/13 (Thursday): New York City, NY

11/15/13 (Friday): Boston, MA

11/16/13 (Saturday): Burlington, VT

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