Sony Community seeking rockstar experts, here’s how to become one

by Jessica Geiszler 09/16/2013, in Categories For Records

Sony’s support Community just launched a cool new feature that allows users to earn “stage cred” for their activity on the site.

This new, real-time ranking structure lets you work your way from a newbie status of Tuning Up to high-velocity, Chart Buster status. The more you perform, the better you fare against your peers. And when you’ve outplayed them all – when the pros start coming to YOU for advice and feedback – you know you’ve hit it big. That’s when you’ve earned the ultimate badge of honor – Rock Star.

Think you have what it takes to outshine other gadget experts? Confident you have the best solution to even the toughest product dilemmas? Prove it!

Step 1: Establish a name for yourself. Visit to begin the registration process. It only takes a minute and requests for personal information are limited.

Step 2: Establish a look. You will automatically be assigned an avatar, but you have the option of uploading your own. Pick something that signifies who you are, what you like and what you believe in!

Step 3: Work on your reputation. Launch a discussion thread, or comment on an existing one. Read expert blogs and provide “kudos” or feedback. Share great ideas with other innovators on the Join the Inspiration page! The more you participate, the more likely you are to join the ranks of the Community’s most revered product experts.

Step 4: Show the others who’s boss! As you move up in rank, your badge will change so other users will be able to see just how active you’ve been… Aspire to be the performer that others want to follow. Voice tips and tricks collected through your life experiences, and share them with an engaged audience!


There are seven ranks in all – each one signifying your level of activity on the site – listed here from lowest to highest participation: Tuning Up, Groovin’, Garage Band, Emerging Star, Top 40 Artist, Chart Buster and Rock Star.

Color-coding has also been added to help you keep tabs on where you are within each rank, and how close you are to jumping to the next level. When you first enter a rank the music notes will be green. After some activity, they turn blue. With even more activity, they turn pink and finally – when you’re dangerously close to receiving a rank promotion – your music notes turn gold (think solid gold record).


Join the conversation and start earning your stage cred today! Riders and other Rock Star performance perks may follow…



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